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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Traveling around Australia 1

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So after 6 months i started getting itchie feet again so i worked another month for my notice didn't have to but well ppl up there in the mining town i had on the whole had a good time so said ok boys from my shift into the pub spent well who knows? barman & ppl were happy and so was I, so next morning after withdrawing a tidy sum from my own personal account, said last goodbyes ready to get a taxi to Karratha airport then final wave to my shift guys & girls and away we went excuse me mate any chance of stopping at housing office have to hand my keys in sure me wait ok? nice obliging fellow?, 15 mins later after handing keys in yea mate everything clean & Bristol fashion can i check it this arfo? yea mate, so arrived at the airport thanks mate how much is that,? (Taxis up the north west don't put the meters on it's all done by k/meters) sorry been all paid for? also asked to give you this when we got to airport, but not to open until you on plane? so he helped me with my bags to the desk yes sir got a ticket to be picked up yes sir name? ok sir we'll load you bags for you sir just carry on sir to that door? good morning sir this way sir, looked back everyone going though another gate have a nice trip sir where you would
you like to sit sir? foreword or back, on the plane drink sir, would you care for a complimentry west newspaper while your waiting to take off? yea can i have a large drink of ( little voice of my great mate who stood by me and travelled back and forwards across the seas saying remember you promised me?) can have a large orange juice? so travelling down excuse
me sir your orange juice and i think this is yours only a few ppl in this section sir, when i said i was handing in my notice booked your accomadation/airfares yet mike? nah not yet why? oh just wondering you want me to pay them? remembering the last time no your ok i'll go into karatha when i get the chance plenty of time yet but you know how fast thet fill up? a few of us are going in ok here's some money you want the ticket or you want to pick it up? yea i'll pick it up there i can't lose it hheeheh boys laughed i said excuse me hostess am i in the wrong section? no sir, you booked first class anything wrong sir no just my friends gave them the money for the ticket well sir they have taken your money and added to it for you to travel 1st class, so i opened the large brown envelope big card inside signed by a lot of ppl with a message DEAR Michael i know you hate us calling you that but you can't do anything to us up there in the clouds? so sit back and enjoy your 1st class seats yes we took your money Michael in your two stints here you have given us so much friendship so this is our way of saying thanks and good luck and we your friends have upgraded you there is another small envelope there thats your next surprise open it if you want or just wait and give it to the cab driver? so i wanted to open it but used all my resistance not to thinging where have the got me staying? so excuse me mate can you take me to this address sure mate? excuse me driver where are we going? don't you know sir? no got told it's a surprise well here we are? no this is it? only 5***** sheraton hotel give you a small clue like staying at the ADELPHI HOTEL? yes sir take your bags hang have to pay the cab fare? ok mate got the fare money in the envelope, follow me sir name please sir yes sir 3 nights? follow the porter please sir? wow this is mine? yes sir? oh thank you very much sir anything you need just press for room service and thank you again sir i've only gave you $5 not the crown jewels so picked up phone yes sir number please will ring when i've connected you 2 mins later your call sir, you buggars what have you done? just the friendship you gave us were re-paying you, nice plane trip/hotel? we found out the cost of all then got your money and added top it all the best ang keep in touch? oh by the way everything is paid for? you pay your trip so tara went to rottnest on a day trip then after 3 days porter came up for bags can i settle bill please? sorry everythings been taken care off here'e the balance? can you tell me do you have a employee fund? well stick in this $50 in it and thank you for everything well here are your tickets for your flight and accomadation in Sydney? here's your taxi sir? see you again

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