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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Australia What does the future hold (2)

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So sitting in the front room, she comes back and says i'm hoping in the shower?( is this an invite?) do you want anything, hang on we don't know each other well enough yet but not on our first date lol don't be funny you i've never met anybody like you before? and not likely to either hahaah
while she was in the shower i decided to calm my nerves so i got a small beer out of the fridge and thinking what would she thought 12 months ago i was a ruined man but now was given a 2nd chance, WOW she was very nervous at my wow she said whats wrong? i said you scub up very nice eat your heart gun-a -did can i ask you a question? yes what we have just met i could be an axe murderer so how come you let me in two things i liked you from the start and the other were not alone? hear boy S**** a blo**dy big german shepared comes running out sit boy 2" from me and didn't take his eye's off his dinner, then around the corner comes 2 of the biggest body guards i said i didn't hear them speak? no there both stone death, phew glad they didn't hear me talking about their daughter!! but they can lip read very good oh sh**t again with laughter he comes over WELCOME FRIEND you funny slaps me on my back almost makes me fall

then she comes nimbly over gives me a kiss on both sides of my face friend she looks over takes 1 look at my face and starts to crack up we are hungraians but you don't look like your mum&dad dad is from one side of the valley mum is from the other both parents sent their kids to a death school they got on way well in class for weeks then 1 day dad was talking to his mate about my mum she saw what he said about her she walked up to him spun him around and planted a full kiss on his lips and said i do too after that the where always with other other? how did your mum knew what your dad said? again with the laughter then it was explained his mate had his back to the mirror dad was standing talking into the mirror and mum watched him talk so are we going out? ne talked to his daughter with his hands and she was doing it back oh no touche she saw me looking said in the car dad wants to feed you up your too skinny?( he wouldn't say that now-a days) we were in the pictures i wanted to out my arm around her shoulder but i was very nervous i just couldn't move she saw that leaned over and put my arm around her and that good i like that reached up and kissed me very tender we got home and what a spread i went out with her for about 6 months but started to get each itchie feet so i thought why do i buy another car when i have one up the north west so i said my bye's rang up my old firm no vacancy's, so rang my mate sorry can't come up they said vacancys, let me get back to you within 3 days your ex boss said he'll speak to them? come up you have got accomadation your homeswest house she's livering with her boy freind, got a phone call, so came up in a couple days got a job then visted my house knock yes mate can i help you yea get your stuff and get out who are you? HER HUSBAND and want you out with her by tonight i'll be back at 6 the house was in a right mess so two days later i moved back in decided can't clean this place up by my self so i decided to have a bbq? i asked 1/2 doz blokes that i got to know day of bbq all these cars turned up blokes /girls hope you don't mind i had to bring my kids thats ok? right you kids you want to eat? so start pulling those weeds back & front some one brought a mate hope you don't mind Mike he bought his truck looked out and everything was getting chucked in a skip bin too late now look out side? next problem how am i going to feed this lot don't worry niegbour i'll bring my bbq over so then about 3.30pm we'd finished all her stuff in the bin house cleaned top to bottom ok, fire up the bbq's but need more snackers. chops, onion's i haven't got enough for all this lot don't worry mike ken"s be back in a sec WHO'S KEN? THE SUPERMARKET /BUTCHER OWNER? you met him he was helping you before
then he here comes steak chops snackers cool drink how much do i owe you ken? for this lot ? nothing everybodys paid for it cleaned up then put their hands in the pocket to pay for it we finished about about 8/9 ov er the next couple of days ppl were dropping of chairs, etc hey mike give a hand where's this goiing? in your house but this is your bed in the garage yea but's on loan so we had a great time

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