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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Australia What does the future hold

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following on from wow 10/11/11. sorr y if you have read this before but just re-capping
So after a few drinks i decided to visit the dole office to see if there's any jobs mate decided to go back to work so for a long long time yours trully was on his own but with a promise that never again will i get plastered( and not talking about builders either hahah)
so young bloke said can i help you ( remember the first time seemed a life time that i was standing here) can i help you mate? nah just looking to see if a job as a lion tammer has come up? ' BLANK LOOK' sorry you have to join a circus for that joke mate?
hmm this looks promising bread carter hey mate give this a call for us? but there's only 1 job? but you said? forget it mate? sorry Sir if you going to live here listen mate i've lived here before ok?
He rang, yes thats ok can he come in for an interview tommorrow? give us the phone? look sorry tommorrow i'll be looking for a job in earnest?
seeing i'm only 10 mins walk away, ok you can come in now? but you might have to wait boss's out to lunch so when's he due back then? 35 mins ok i'll call around then but you said your 10 mins away? yea but cheeky me ( in for a pound my old dad used to say) well that means for the 25 mins you will have me staring at you until your boss comes back?
i'll just have a couple ok? on second thoughts you better come now?
but i'll have to warn you you'll have to put up with me? nice pleasant voice
we have a policy here you don't drink while your working cause you will make the insurance nun envoid
i virtually ran there dying to see wether my picture i had in my head corrsonpded with the voice? when i saw her i was very surprised she wasn't 'BO DERECK' but on the other hand she wasn't ''ENA SHARPLES'
EITHER? S boss came back an hr later sorry we didn't have an appointment did we? nah just saw your job in the dole talked into coming wanted to sink a few but your girl said 'NO DRINKING WHILE YOUR WORKING?' But i suppose she meant workers not the boss as i said old Michael was left in England sorry about that thats ok i like a few after a stress full day you agree? yea ( and this was 1.30pm?)
interview done we have your #? ok we'll let you know ok thanks for your time hope you get the person you want? but i said i'll let you know? sorry mate have lived here before? so i'' just follow these other jobs up showed him a blank piece of paper? see yea? as i passed see you tonight? hmm ok i finish at 5 sorry haven't bought another car yet? thats ok i've got mine just about to go back to Fremantle Mlike stop Mike stop, thaty was the quickest date thats been cancelled i haven't changed my mind why have you?
whats up then boss wants you back!!! please don't tell him but this job has been advertised for nearly a month just thinking you can have the job your sure cos i have got two address here noo no ok can you start Monday? thats the start of our pay week? thats almost a week away? nah i think i will go and apply for one of these jobs can you spare another 5 mins? wait into reception? i have to make a phone call? goes out whats he doin? ringin to see if i can start tommorow? he'll tell you no has to be next monday? ok if your right i'll buy first drink? but i don't think so he came out look its 2.30pm now buy the time you start & finish the paper work you can start tommorrow at 8? hang on you are giving me the job now i fill in the paperwork today and start getting paid from tommorrow? nah tell you what i'll come back tommorrow and start getting paid from when i come in and do the paperwork then? i could see he wanted to make another phone call, sorry what i meant ( i knew what he meant) we will pay you from today but i meant you can start at 8 oh thats ok then? hang on a mo take him down to personal and get him to sign a time card from now then he can fill in the paper work, out of ear shotok smarty pants first drinks on me see told you he didn't want to lose me how did you know? cause didn't you notice he wanted to make another phone call? i wanted him to make the decision as the drink was making him unsure on what to do? took my time filling in the paper work pretending to read the forms then thinking so finally i gave them back do i sit he now? no was told to pay you till 5 so you can go now, start at 8 in the morning ok? shot up stairs waited till the bosses back was turned waved good bye with a five ok she said pointed around the corner picked me up your cheeky you know? he went home he said he was sick hahahah, she said come back to my place so i can a shower and change yea want into? you are cheeky you know

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