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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Australia Bound ( 2nd time)

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so waiting in her front room ( parlor to you lot) I'm going to hop in the shower? do you want anything? shouted out, hang on we don't know each other well enough yet but thanks but not on our first date hahaha, i'll belt you i have never met anybody with so much (BULL****) no i was going to say self confidence? while she was in the shower? omg i thought if only she saw me 12 months ago? stop it you said your a new man so carry on and act like one? so she came out, WOW whats up very nervouse at my wow!! you scrub up very very well eat your heart out gunned -a- din, can i ask you a question? we have just met how come you let me in your house alone? were not, here boy S***t a BL****dy big alsation comes running out sit feller and does, then around the corner comes a man & a woman just standing there omg i said body guards then laughter!! what's going on? this is my mum & dad they are stone deaf, phef i'm glad they didn't hear what i said about their daughter, BUT they can lip read what you say oh ****** again with the laughter then he comes over grabs my hand says "WELCOME FRIEND" she's comes over and smack's a big kiss on my cheek FRIEND, I look over and she's P********* her laughing we are hungurians, but you don't look like one no dads from one side of the valley mum's from the other side both their parents enrolled them in the same school miles apart, they got on very well in class, dad said to a friend me like her she came over and turned him around and planted a big kiss smack on his gob me too? how did she know what he said? well all of them started to laugh so i don't get it how did she know? his friend was standing with his back to the mirror and dad was facing the mirror and she was looking his way and saw his lips moving haha got me!! so are we going out yea, he talked to his daughter with his hands no,no, i saw all this oh hell no touche,she said we went can't have too much to eat why? dad says so oh!! an have to come straight home, so we went to the pub then the pictures i said to my self sitting there very nervouse sitting next to a good looking girl i just froze but what happens if i put my arm around her and she doesn't like it? i stole a clance at her she has a smile on her face leans over holds onto my arm and says WELCOME FRIEND!! I LIKE YOU? then says of course i want you to put your arm around me, but only if you want to, how did you know? you are silly you were mouthing the words to your self, mum & dad taught me to lip read them so we talk now sometimes you saw our fingers? working very fast? yea it's ok dad was telling me to bring you home? after the pictures we went home i got out of the car she said SORRY what for? walked in shake of the arms/ shoulders again come eat! took one at the table ( reminds me even now of my aunt em couldn't see a a bit of the table cloth look you sit here you daughter sit there next to him now eat, then we sat down to talk all of us, you sit on the lounge started to talk about my favourita subject ME! and they were watching my lips moving felf strange at first then when they thought it was funny all of them laughed, then now we all go to bed? cor blimey you sleep here then daughter give you lift to your new job , at work she dropped me down the rd at a bus stop, so i could walk she then drove away 5 mins later honk honk, you going to work? hop in in you get the early bus? i'll ask my receptionist i think she passes your way to go to work so started to pick me up and come to work, well around May I wanted my car, so i gave in a w eeks notice and said my goodbyes, a lot of tears again in there, i rang the firm sorry there's no vacanceys so i contact my mate yea no jobs hang on a sec called my ex- boss get to come up i'll put a word in next day can you come for interview we havent got any accomadation? thats ok i have my own so i had already rang up from perth so i moved back into house what a mess mate came over then the lady from next door asked did we want her to help us to boys, i'll strip & make the bed so after a while i went up stairs there she bent over the bed making it and boy i'm sorry but i could jumped on her but wait there might be a way later

walk it 's ok they like you, oh thank goodness for that with your dads arms i'm glad he didnt give me a bear hug then two hands gently grabs me YOU FUNNY GUY, ME LIKE YOU, if he's stone deaf then how comes he can hear me? again laughter and whoop on my back. watch my dad he looks at me and points to himself ? he wants to say the first thing that comes into your mind? i like you again with this kissing lark!! ok he turns around he wants you to say something bad? No way with his hands i'd be dead !! her dad turn around now the fingers are working 20 to the dozen

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