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What a Morning !

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Today I had a Hospital appointment for an Colonoscopy, I was hoping to upload some photos for you all to see, but in my haste to get out of the hospital for some much needed grub, I forgot to ask for my best side. After fasting since noon yesterday and taking Picolax to cleanse my soul, I was ready to eat a scabby dog. Anyway, I was up at 0600hrs rearing to go for my appointment for 0800. I arrived a 0750 and took a seat in the waiting room where I met a lovely young lady, she asked me if I was waiting to have the Camera done, yes, I said, she told me she had it done many times, I said, you must enjoy it ! During the chat I told her that I would find it difficult to fart, because of the wind they put up, it was only then she told me that she was having the Camera put down the throat ! I was glad to hear the Nurse call my name and I went into the small reception room, after answering all the normal questions I then had to take my gear off and put on a gown that had no back in it, god, I must have looked sweet. I was led into the Theatre and there, were three more lovely young nurses and I was dressed like a clown and about to have a Camera put up my jacksy, I said, good morning, but I wanted to say goodbye. I then layed down on the bed, slowly I may add, a tad nervous, don't worry, said the nurse I'll be gentle with you, it won't hurt, where have I heard that before, I thought. The initial entrance was an eye watering experience, and I now understand what the "wind up you" means, as they blew wind up my jacksy to open the Colon as the nurse pushed the Camera up. I had thought about what I would do during this stage and so I decided to look at the Monitor and have a chat, in between bouts of Aghhh, I asked a few questions and watched as she went up through the Bowl. As the nurse was about to finish she told me she was turning the Camera around to look at the way she had came it, another eye watering experience. Finally it was all over ! Getting rid of the wind they put up is not easy, farting in the company of three lovely young ladies is not an easy thing to do. I was then taken to the recovery ward and all I could hear was this lad, in the next bed to me, farting like a loon, all I could do was laugh and thought it sounded like a Brass band rehearsal room. I was glad to get home !! Those of you who may need to have this done, need not worry about it !

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