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In And Around The River Mersey

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In And Around The River Mersey

A Photographic Exhibition In Aid Of Leukaemia Research
By David Lydiate
18 – 31 October 2011

Exhibition Venue
Capital Building
Liverpool Echo And Daily
Post Old Hall St Liverpool

I hope to raise money and awareness for Leukaemia Research with this exhibition and encourage publishers to help me produce a calendar in Aid Of Leukemia Research.

The objective of this exhibition was to represent Liverpool’s Year Of The Sea, with the variety of subjects that can be seen in and around The River Mersey.

Variety is added to the project with different types of Sea vessels, as well as past and present features of The Albert Dock and The Pier Head.

Subjects will include, The Tall Ships Parade Of Sale 2008, the cruise liners various Maritime Topics and a variety of landscapes

Iconic Architectural features will be included as part of the exhibition, such as the “newly” developed Pier Head including The Museum Of Liverpool.

This exhibition will show how Liverpool has embraced past with present
The exhibition will celebrate Liverpool’s modern landscape including views of Liverpool's Waterfront taken from The Liverpool1 shopping complex in Chavasse Park.

About the photographer
In 2004 I was diagnosed with and fought a rare and deadly form Of Leukaemia, I fought this Illness again in 2007. The form of Leukaemia I had was Acute Myeloid leukaemia (AML), also known as acute Myelogenous Leukaemia. I have also lived with Multiple Sclerosis for 10 years.
I have three passions in Life. Liverpool, Photography and raising awareness and money for Leukaemia Research. Liverpool is in my heart and has been my inspiration.

© David Lydiate

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