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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty


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SO after that Sunday, Mum & Dad were seeing a new me going to church every sunday they came now & again, but mum was still C of E, so a few weeks later, Bill asked his daughter to do the bible reading but dad!!! that means I have to come down then go up again? ok I'll ask someone else? Bill can I do it? i want to repay all your kindness, but have never read in public before? yes that would be very nice this is the one, pst Michael come here yea what do you want to know something i do? yea what just think of everybody in their underwear? but don't tell dad hahah so i did and got stuck on a few names sorry promise i'll do better next time if their is a next time with a laugh, over the next few months yours trully was starting to get into all this stuff and reading the bible more often, then the youth group leader fell ill so all the planned progrrames would have to be cancelled then out of the blue someone suggested me as i was getting on very well with the kids, as that week the youth group leader was going to talk on life in general, I said but i don't what to talk about for the 1/2 hr?, Suzan suggested i talk on life for an English boy going to another country? that will fill in for this week I said yea, then Ron should be back next week ? so that friday night at 6pm, I turned up Suzan was there to unlock and bought our tea for the youth group fish & chips i said what time will you back to lock up? I'm staying to give you moral support but won't your boyfriend be up set? I haven't found Mr Right (my throat started to get very dry I need a drink we only have coke or lemonade), she said this might make the time go quicker, so at 2000 I started by telling them about being over there and my acceptance by Australia then ok boys & girls time to go home it was 2130 said Bill & Helen who were sitting in the office with the window open listening, you kids into the bus i'll take you home? you two coming? no dad can you pick us up so we can clean up first we'll have a cuppa while were waiting ok see you in a while, well that went ok good idea with the fish & chips yea funny the kids were really listening said Suzan well you can finish it next week? what!!! Ron might be back next week he can handle the kids better? what after tonight? your a natual, so that week everything was going great for me with my new found life, so I decided to go into Prescot for a walk around the shops, then hello Michael nice to see you again how are you? ok thanks, just going for a cuppa want to joins us three? looks around there's only Bill & Helen three? yea Suzan is in there buying a new dress for the church concert oh at our church? yea you coming? oh i don't know i haven't been asked we don't send out invites were going to annouce it Sunday for two weeks, Suzan's going to do her tap dance? Tell me is she any good? heheh, hey you cheeky monkey with a playful slap, i'm great? every body say's so haha i'll tell you when i have seen you? so what are you going to do SING? haha do you want the church emptying in double time? We heard your talk on Friday and we agree with Suzan you are a natual, so this was coming up to 9 months back home now i was starting to miss Australia, by songs & films, but Suzan and me were starting to
do things together & getting very close, but i was holding back and Suzan was sensing it, and was blaming her self so she told her parents how close we were getting and not once did i try to even kiss her, whats wrong with me, so her parents asked her to bring me around for tea ( normaly if you get asked for tea it mean's one thing? da da dada) so i went around and it came around to us two i said look i honestly have grown very fond of Suzan to the extent i think i'm falling in love with her and i'm frightend because of two things which i think Suzan and you might have forgotten over the last 9 months, i'm still a married man techinaly, even though i'll never go back to her and the second is i will want to go back to Australia some time within the next 6/12 months to get a divorce? thats why i'm a bit stand back, and pardon the pun but i do value you both & Suzan's friendship and i know in my heart that Suzan wants to save herself for Mr Right, so if you don't mind i'll ring my dad to pick me up? I was told later that Suzan had admitted she also had fallen head over heels in love with me and cried herself to sleep, the Saturday night of the concert Suzan did her tap dance and i loved it, I said to her but you made a lot of mistakes was it because of me? i'm still here for you and always will be for as long as you want me to be? with that she gave me a big hug ( but it wasn't a sexual hug after that we still went out and did things together?) so Suzan asked her dad & mum can she go out again so they asked the audience yes? so she grabbed my hand and pulled me on stage to the laughter and cheers of everyone and did her tap dance to me and got a standing overation, so thats it coming to the end of a great evening/fundraiser, so just in finishing? Michael here came around for tea with us about a week ago? so if he won't get too embrassed and run (hold him Suzan just in case) to the laughter, I would like to tell you all what he said to us all and what was in his heart? as you all know Suzan and Michael have over the time he has been at our church have got very close, but it's come over from Michael that he wants something more dear to him he wants to go back to Australia within the next 6/12 months( ahhh) to get a divorce and to carry on with his life, but told us you all in this church will be in his heart forever, but he's not going yet? he said can't tap dance, dance or sing thats why he hasnt been in tonights concert? just then a couple of the youth group shouted out but he was telling us about going to Australia that was great, Michael can you tell us that next week at youth group? so we do have a bit of time anybody want to stay a bit longer an hear it anybody who wants to go can nobody did so i just told them little bits and i will say they all said i made it feel to them they were there and want to go for a hoilday more next timt about coming HOME to oz,

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