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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty


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So yours trully was on the mend and my death wish was Banished to somewhere in the back of my mind hopefully never to re-surface again now I felt I could face the big bad world again so I was now getting visitors/phone calls left right and centre the message was out I WAS BACK and poor mum was like a telephone operator but she was loving it seeing her lost son was re-born again, so after the rounds during the week of all my old haunt's those that were still there and meeting old friends THEN came the biggest test of all can I go into a pub? and I did the COACH & HORSES IN RAINHILL and not one drop passed my lips ( alchol) I was on orange juice and wasn't just my own friends but people who I had known before I left for oz, then the horrible little B********* turned up I was begged not to do it, I was taken home singing, my friends knocked on the door, dad opened it he saw the state of me we all went into the front room mum took one look at me, I said I'm not drunk mum i'm playing haha I had my arm's around my mates shoulders she said have you got hold of him yes Mrs Doran why? cause this is why whack straight across the face you are the most horrible person for putting us through that we thought you had gone backwards, you mean to say he's not had one drink? nah but he will be sick some time why's that? he's had people buying him orange juice all night he's had enough to sink a battleship, but we are sorry he put us up to playing a joke but he said he wanted to show you both that he could go into a pub and he won't ever get drunk again, ( AND 33 YEARS LATER I HAVE NEVER ( WELL ONCE AT MY 2ND MARRIAGE) GOT DRUNK AGAIN)
Sorry mum & dad? So a visit to the Dr's again well Michael all your vitals are back, your normal again? WELL said my mum I don't ever think he will be normal, and this time there was no bad mouthing off just laughed and came back with well that's your fault so I come from a family that's not normal either, both Dr and Mum laughed HE'S BACK, so I came down for breakfast all dressed up WoW said my sister you got a hot date on a Sunday? yea I'm going to church? with that smash Mum had dropped the breakfast with the shock you going to church without being told to? yea what's wrong with that? nothing but do you know what the Salvation Army officer said it starts? no but when your finished your breakfast go up stairs and put those new shoes on? then you'll look a million $$$$"s any girls at church will fall over? yea trying to get away!! come on a nice girl will come into your life yea say's who? MADAME ROSA ( mum had her own physic we used to say) so on with the new shoes out comes dad's old kodac box brownie camera found it it say's starts at 1030 it's only 0830 you have time dad we can go as well CAN'T WE? ( a command with mum) so all of us off to church, then dad did a funny thing when he went in I thought he was having a heart attack he went down on one knee and did the sign of the cross ( mam told me later when they were going to have kids SHE WANTED the kids C of E not roman candles so I was looking around checking out the Crumpet or lack there of and caught mum waving to someone who's that? err someone we used to go to bingo with yea so why's everyone staring this way your iminging it then this good looking Captain ( lady I was a man!!! haha) hello nice to see you here today hope you will come back then mum gave dad a nudge, I was starting to feel very uneasy people looking at me, then this young girl came from nowhere ( like an angel) hello my mum said to come and say hello HELLO you alway's do things you mum & dad tells you? not alway's with a laugh but when I checked you out? from where? up there where the choir is I WANTED TO!!! so friends before we start our service today about 3/4 month's ago we asked you to pray for a very troubled young man who was sick and who had turned to the demon drink and had come home who thought there was NO HOPE FOR HIMSELF? so his mother rang me up this morning ( boy did my head turn around that quick to look at mum she just giggled) oh I see he didn't know that? NO WITH A SHAKE OF THE HEAD so all the family's come here as well so friends here is the result of yours & GODS work please make Michael welcome, come on Michael don't be shy we all know you as our friend so the first time I had ever known people to clap and cheer in church ( don't forget I was bought up in the C of E) so I was sort of coaxed to stand, after the servive Bill & his wife Helen came up to welcome me boy you do look better than when I first saw you? tap tap you remember me? hello again sorry my name is Suzan, sorry I didn't tell you before I'm in the choir and I came down but shouldn't have done with a giggle at her dad, look Sorry we didn't know you were coming today so we haven't got a lot to eat as a welcome? but if you can stay the ladies are in the kitchen making some sandwiches then a lot of people had gone home so there was say about 10/15 then Bill said Grace for the food then people started coming in with more food & drinks, Bill laughed and said we normaly have this for a special occasian but this wasn't planned haha, talk about food hope to see you again? yes Michael said he is coming again didn't you? err yea ok if you want me to but i'm not into that stuff so that was my first encounter with the Salvation Army all those years ago then before I finish!!! about 5/6 years ago Janice decided she wanted to become a senior soldier 40 years before she was a junior soldier and alway's wanted to be one, but I said I would become a adherident then a couple of weeks before Janice was to become one the whole church didn't know anything as our Captains was in Melbourne and wanted to perform the service then honestly I kept on having this recurring dream for about a week I was unloading this truck and a voice in my dream kept saying BELIVE IN ME and I will unburned your load, nah I went to see another Captain I was friendly with and told him my re-acurring dream he said God is calling you to him? I said I heard that and the next your dead? no he has a plan for you so he said I'll contact Lance & Anne ( our captains) to bring your uniform back and if you don't want it they can send it back oh ok then nothing was said to Janice so she was in the dark so I told Lance I have bought Janice a cake for her becoming a soldier have you told her? no why so listen tell no one ok yea why? do you honestly want to become a soldier? yea I think I do why? well we will take Janice in to be a soldier then as were getting to the end I'll signal you by coughing and make a joke of it that will give you time to get into your uniform if you still want to be a soldier if you don't want to just bring in the cake? so cough cough this is great isn't it janice? so are you and everybody else ready for a surprise ( Lance didn't know which way was I thinking until I walked in the door) then knock knock? who's at the door come in don't be shy so in I walk in UNIFORM & a cake to a stunned silence, Janice turn around michael's got a big surprise there I was standing in my uniform with a cake, her mouth just dropped friends as you can see this is a surprise for Janice as well as for you look at Annes face as well only three people knew about this GOD, Michael & me When he walked in that door so now we have been soldiers for 5/6 years and loving it

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