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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty


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FIRST OF all it wasn't film but a doc going back 70 years but still good,
so when I did got home I expected FIRE WORKS? my face must have given me away!! what's the face for? i'm expecting to get a good hiding? look your a man and our son and your hurting and you need our help or not? but when your feeling better can you tell how it all transpired? and I know it might be painfull but if your don't feel up to it yes but can I relax first!!! take as long as you need this is your home for as long as you need ( deep down i'm thinking is this the same parent's I left all those years ago? shivers it' was only 5/6 years ago) so dad said do you feel up for a bit to eat? why I don't know but I remembered what I was told all those years ago " you live under this roof and you pay your way or OUT" so I said I have no money to pay? have we asked you for any? but you said? that was to get you off your arse, do you feel like visiting the dr's on Monday to get some advice but we have to book in hahah mum's jumped the gun when we knew from Rob you were coming your mum booked?
so Monday we went how are you feeling like my head's ready for blast off hmm now we have your file here let's make sure it's the right one? Josie what's his N.H #? MNN 411? both looked at me how do you remember that I said my heads ready for blast off with all useless information ok what was your teacher's name? and what was it that you remember about him Bill Shankland during WW2 he was a captain in the British Army?, ok how did he get to be captain? he was made up in the field? was I right in what your reading? hey I didn't know what your teachers name was you just told me, ok let's read your file, but that's no good? yes your hospital dr faxed it to me, look I won't beat about the bush you are in serious trouble if your not carefull you have told us your heads ready to blow? so we have got to cut the supply to the engines then we can stop them I know this is going to sound callous on my behalf but rest assued i'm here for you, but I can do this here is a letter to take to the department for help yes do it today before, but I can't even supply a headache tablet your mind will do what's needed but first Josie if he gets a cold no medicine" your have to go for the remedy's your mother used as the modern ones contain alchol, and from today is the start of your recovery YOU WILL get better over the next few month's, all your family are going to be in for a very rough time because your son will start having hallucations and he will say thing's to hurt you all cause in his mind you are just standing by, and he will be vomiting etc that's the badness coming out of his system so tv is out alchol, gigs everything NATUAL and if he doesn;t want to eat don't make him his body will tell you when it want's food? and as he said that was the start of it, my head hurt if I closed my eyes, if I kept them open they hurt, I didn't sleep and when I did I woke up in a sopping wet bed I wouldn't go out unless it was in the back yard neighbours saw me when I arrived but had't seen me since tongues start wagging to such an extent mum& dad had a visit no he's ok look he's alive & well!! thank you we have to follow suspricious this went on for week's all the time getting better every day, phone calls about me, flowers from friends who had heard, I wonder who told them Dad said to Mum, cakes & pies arriving, then about 2/ 3 month's later one Sunday morning came down stairs to a smell I hadn't smelt for years egg and bacon, just sat down can I have some? then for no reason mum started to cry them another visit to the dr's who took all my vitals, now I want you to pee in this jar? err sorry I can't why that's? I don't think I can reach it from here!! well from what you told me he's coming along good is he going out yet? slowly he went to the Village yesterday and to the library this morning good good, that night I was asked do you think your ready for visitors? yea I think so, but don't you think they will think i'm a alki & a drug addict? no not if they are your true friends so Bill the Salvation Army Captain, you great since the last time I saw you now I can ring up the officer in Karratha he's been keeping in touch with me ok can I pray with you all Look i'm not a beliver so who has helped you get better? me mum & dad? yes and GOD has been keeping a hand on your recovery as he want's you for a special task in your future life ha there's no such being well you didn't die all those month's ago when other people do so he prayed but I diddn't take much in the mumbo jumbo, but by the time he was finished i was crying,


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