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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Cold turkey

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So Monday mum took me to the doctors, sorry I know this is going to sound very callous on my part, but your son's brain is highly charged so he has to go Cold Turkey I cannot priscribe headache tablets and you have to keep him away from Cough medicines & any other medicines as it might have alchol in it, and I will tell you,you all will be in for a horribe time where you son will be having hallseations ( seeing things) and he will try to hurt himself and will say things to you & your husband to hurt you cause his's hurting and she was right, I have known such pain, I couldnt sleep and when I did I cryed in pain, if I closed my eyes my head felt like someone was hitting it with a blunt axe, I turned into an recluse wouldn't step outside, eyes were hurting when i watched tv so didnt, didn't want to eat but ( mum made me) but over a period of weeks it got easier and easier to such a level mum I'm staving after 3 month's I was asked do you think you would like some a visitors said I think so? but mum I'm scared of what people going to think of me being an alki/drug addict? your not you just were sick, ok tommorrrow your first visitor, I wonder who? so 1000, knock hi officer!! officer? omg the police I'm going to be charged!! then Bill walked in wow you look great since the last time I saw you? and missis he's put weight on as well sat down and talked to me for ages, then can I pray with you? look Sorry I'm not really a beliver doesn't matter, but I would like to Thank our lord for the help your mum & dad has given you over the last couple of month's, so he started and by the time he got to me I was openly crying for being a person not being worthy of being loved, even dad was crying as well ( which was hard for dad he was brought up to be a man you don't show your emotions) this is why at the moment I have tears running down my face which is hard to see the keyboard, all 3 had their arm's around me? I didn't know at the time but my life was starting to change and over the next few month's my life was getting better by the day/week I was having visitors nearly daily not once did I have a letter/phone call from my wife? I said you heard from Rob? he's back in oz oh!! but he's such a friend to you he's prepared to come back and take you back if you want to go back? so after 8/9 month's at home, I rang up Australian house to ask can I go back their answer Sir you were granted perment residency status back in 1971 so dad got in touch with Rob and said I was ready to go back he said let me get back to you? then a week's later i will be back in in 3/4 weeks so I was now looking forward to coming back, but where back to wa or travel around when Rob came back I said I might see if I can go back for a month to get some money but at least we'll have a place to stay? you will what do you mean? when I came back here then went back your wife asked me to leave, she has her boyfriend living there? oh has she now? picked up the phone and rang hello can I help? where's my wife? err in bed asleep well tell her I'm on my way back be there in 3/4 day's and I want you and her out, so when we did get back door's were locked, but nobody home then the lady next door came out he's you key's where's my car? she's loaded it up and gone a couple of day's ago, so we got a car drove around no couldn't find it asked her mum where is she? she's gone with a person she love's you won't find her where's my car? that's gone as well I said you you will lose and you have, well get in touch I don't know where she is? that's a bit hard to swallow so tell her I'm going to report my car stolen? and I went to the cops yes sir it's registered in your name do you want it reported as stolen? yes!! went to see if I can get my job back yea would you like to go back to the stores so stayed there for 3 month's then decided to go to perth went to the ins, we have to ring the police to see if they have located it good news they have located it yesterday morning in dampier? so I have to go back up there? no sir it will be transported down do you want the person charged? can I see the car first? yes be here in 2 days so next to the finance co we have been trying to contact you your car account is in arrears you have not been in touch sorry have had a breakdown been in uk I can supply a name if you want to check? no that's ok when can you start paying the arrears back so we can stop it being re-proccesed I can give you A$500 in a few day's? and then go back to paying back the monthly payments yes that's ok but you are then A$720 in arrears has any payment's been paid yea but very irregular, so car arrived omg, ins said we will check it out and report back next day we have checked it out the engine/gearbox has been run without oil so and with all the panels/windows have been delberty dented/smashed, we are going to pay out your account and give you the balance? is that ok? yea we can sell you the car for A$375 so my wife & boyfriend get's off scott free? yes but we can press charges to recoup our expences to recover the car and wilful damage do you want to go ahead? I just thought of all the pain she had put me though yes I do i know it sounds awful

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