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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Flight Back to home shores

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On leaving our new Salvation Army Officer friend as promised took us to the airport wished me a speedier recovery and may God be with you always, Rob my scouse mate told me on the way to Perth (and bearing in mind I was well off this planet) he was asked if he can supply the money for all the plane fares & accomadation from Karrtha to Liverpool that they would be taken care of to save less Stress on both of us, so we got the plane to Perth stayed in a nice hotel then next morning taxi took us to the airport I said how come were not paying for anything? don't you remember me asking you for some money for the trip home? NO!! but as soon as Rob handed in our tickets we were given strange looks, then we boarded our Qantas for London, after a while I said to Rob is it me or does it look like were getting ignored? he said no it looks that way, so he said I'll ask for a drink? yes sir when I have finished a while later he still has not got his drink ( I had nodded off again) what seem along time while I woke up, Rob I'm thirsty my mouth is dry, he asked again yes sir in a minute you said that 1/2 hr ago? then the chief steward walked towards us stopping to chat to people, so typical Scouse excuse ME MATE? yes sir!! have we BO? why that SIR!!! every since we arrived at the airport we have been treated like were getting a free ride?? I paid for both our fares, but they were booked for us because my mate is sick and want's to get home, I asked that hostess for 2 drinks and so far I have waited over 1/2 hr is that your normal service? you said you paid for your ticket's but they were booked for you ? that's what I said why? well you see we didn't know that and 2 of our duty crew was taken off for you two to get on? sorry about that but it was not our fault then he went away then come back with the drink's sorry my mate cannot have alchol just orange juice then he was called away, after that they couldn't do enough for us I said that's funny from not being served to on call when we arrived at London Heathrow, we were told to wait, now what said Rob? so then we were asked to come to the door there was a wheelchair for me I was wheeled straight to the local liverpool flight and off at the other end straight to the waiting Salvation Army car oh mum & dad's not here? no I rang them and I told them that we were getting met at liverpool airport and would come home but when I got home ruddy like the old phas the return home of the prodical son, Mum & dad thanked the local Salvation Army officer & Rob for bringing me home after a meal they decided to go Rob said i'm getting a bus home OH NO YOUR NOT I'm taking you both home that the least we can do!!

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