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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Almost the end of my life

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so things were really going from bad to worse, I had already been given my 1st warning ( this is where the old saying 3 strikes and your out) for coming to work drunk, in my house I was very deviouse I knew where all the hiding places were my wife was leaving me to my own defices and beside drinking I wasn't eating so my weight was dropping rapidly but my thoughts who cares? my friends were good to me so one afternoon shift I went to work and after 1800 after I went to the other warehouse and found a bottle, ok now I feel great, so back again, while I was working a phone came though Mike your wife is in the pub openly with her FRIEND so I can't do anything I'm at work, but she's back stabbing you well I can't do anything I can't get there ( this friend funny enough had stuck by me and I treated him like a dog I'm your friend and you'll have to kill me first) so this security guard was walking around bring all this stuff " have you got a rec?" no well p**** off then look I can't leave if I wanted to I have to drive past the security without him seeing me how do I do that? ok, see you tommorow ( he had decided to move in once my wife was using this as an hotel) so I said look mate if you haven't got a rec I can't help you can I? how bad do you want to get into town? hey? drive past me without me seeing you said oh yea? what's in it for you? pointed I must have ate something I can't stop running to the toilet? I'll make a phone call but you don't answer it but you offer to go down to the other warehouse then drive to me flash your light and go down the railway track and back ok 15 min's I was on the way the more k's I covered the more sober I was getting and the more madder I was getting, I parked in the bush and walked to the pub when the leading hand saw me & my face he signalled face the bar I walked towards my wife & her friend he looked at my face and fist's clenching & un-clenching, he got up started to move backwards I kept moving towards him straight though a plate glass window I stepped over him and back to work flash flash up goes the gate back into work couldn't find it, next few day's it was him couldn't be he was at work asked security no one passed me no he went to the other warehouse down there for about 3/4 hr wouldn't have time to get there and back!! about a month later something SNAPPED IN MY BRAIN!!, mate was on shift so no body to help me, I had a headache so I decided to take some headache tablet's, BUT in my drunked stupor I picked up the wrong bottle bl**dy headache won't go more tablet's and a drink bl**dy headache more, then passed out lady next door came in to see if I was ok? she had a phone call, can you call in to see if my flatmate said she thought I was a poofter? saw everything them day's I slept in my birthday suit, so I woke up in hospital with tubes calore coming out of every hole after a couple of day's I was starting to feel a bit better my mate & other workmates where the only regular visitors wife had already deserted me mind you I could'nt blame, I was a mess I had a vistor who said good morning feeling better now? I see your c of e? feeling Sorry for myself I think even God has deserted me no he hasn't!! your still with us he's telling you something yea what ever he sat with me for an hr funny I was sorry to see him go, then my foreman came in what you going to do now? look I have nobody here but I have to stay to work my notice no you can go now when your well come back? so my mate came in later look I have decided to go home to my mum & dad I need them ok, I'll book the ticket's not expecting to have a shaparone he was cheerfully given the time off so a weel later I was due to leave all packed then the Salvation Army officer came you got a lift? no I'll take you the the airport I have arranged for an officer to pick you up in Liverpool and take you home oh thank's but you don't expect me to change to your church do you? No I don't God bless you hope to see you well again so stayed in Perth then we jeted off to Liverpool via London arrived hello are you Michael from Wa? yes ok come to take you home

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