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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

living in Australia in the 70's

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So after retreating back to Roebourne caravan park like a scared cat I'm not getting arrested, every time I rang my wife at her parent's go away stop trying to cause trouble, the job I had was just keeping the rent paid but that was all, but at the same time the State Goverment was making noises about building state housing for low income people, so after about 3/6 month's expression of intrests were called so as my savings were running out I thought I would apply? then a big list was given to me to fill in all personal details, employment details, why did you move up here? when I went back yes you have got all that is required expect you say your married? so two questions 1, why aren't you living with your wife, & 2, where is you marriage certificate? ring your wife and ask for it, I said I have but her parent's have told lies to the company that they don't know me and were going to get me arrested, hmm ok the bloke said ring from here so I can listen, rang funny enough my wife picked up, look you know every time I ring you up your mum or dad said they don't know me and will get me arrested if I keep coming around and he has lied to his company about us being married? but I need the marriage certificate dad's got it and said I don't need it and won't give it to me? there's nothing I can do I've got to go there here bye sorry, so the homes-west guy said very intresting
normally you have to deal with it but I have never come across this before, so I said that's it I said I am married legaly, but haven't got my marriage certificate ok hang on a sec!! then came back I rang up the police they'll be here in a couple of minutes to sort this out but I can tell you, you are in the critera so the police came your the one I was going to arrest for being a public nuisance? yes ok now did you hear what was said? yes and he is right he is married ok come back tommorow I have to make a few phone calls, two day's later your wanted at the shire office so I went here is a faxed copy of your marriage certificate, so now leave it to me I have to make more inquires, to the homeswest guy you can have this for your record's so I was told ok your on the list for accomadation for you & your wife when they are ready to move in, had a visit about 3 day's from this cop okay what's happened I have visited Mr Bradley twice but no contact back, so I visited his company who called him in who finally admitted you and his daughter are married and the reason he said that, was he doesn't like you and thought if he threated you with Arrest you would just forget it and leave so his daughter could apply for a divorce on the grounds of desertion, but now I have left it in the company's hands, but I have to put my report into Perth for advice? a month later I was given the key's to move in to a homeswest townhouse I rang up and told her mother my wife can move in anytime about a month later I was offered a job working for the company so I had to contact homeswest but they said just keeping letting us know you & your wifes income? I don't know she's not living here at the moment,
the company apoligisted for the treatment I recieved but they said they could only go on what they were told, but they told me they were going to issue him with a warning which they did two weeks later they kicked out their daughter out so she came to live with me, ( if I only knew what fate had in store for me I would have told her to stay there) so started my new job on day shift which was funny was called "D" shift ( more like a chain gang) this is hard yakka after 6 week's I was promted to "C' shift as a relief trainee machineist, then trainee machinist then a machinist then I was asked to change shift's to "b" to be a stacker operator well one afternoon shift about 1930 it was really wet & slippery I came out of the cabin to check a loud noise and slipped down the stairs I called for help on the radio sorry your breaking up who are you? and where are you I gave as much info but I had ( found out later) broken my leg/ankle I was in agony but what seemed ages no help came, in the mean time the emergency cut out sensor was activated so the alarm & power in the control room was cut so duty foreman came out all the time he was calling me by radio no answer it was norm for the operator to stick a match stick in the control so they can have a sleep so the foreman picked up the relief operator and came out then when they got there no sign of life around the first staircase they almost fell over me immidety call for emergency assitance no didn't have a call had one but no call back, so why didn't you ring power house? to activate emergency system? I had fainted and was in the hospital within 8 min's, when the picked up the two-way it was on the emergency channel, emergency come back, emergency recieving how the's reception? loud & clear now? still ok? yea the lowest now ok? yea but can hardlly hear you but your still on station? thank you out, later it was found I was ignored by the duty first aider who turned out after checking it was my brother -in-law who then was shifted to a desk job, I did that for 6 months in a lot of jobs, why am I being moved all the time because people can't or won't stay up in the northwest of WA as it get's around 55% heat, while in hospital my wife came in swept and cleaned then went out, one day sister said your married aren't you? yea, so is your wife in perth? no she's here so how come she never comes in to see you? she does every day? everyday I have never seen her? you see her everyday but she say's she will get told off by you if she stops and talks what's her name? so I told her nobody here of that name work's here? oh I see, you do? I don't? well try this name? yea but she's divorced oh when did that happen about 12 month's ago I didn't know that I was divorced? at that time she passed I said I told you I see her every day, come here please this bloke say's here's your husband? is this true? yes, so why did you say you're divorced? and do you live with him? yes again, please come to my office now, she was dismissed straight away for lying, after that she never ever came to see me, but while I was in hospital she was playing about with another bloke, and everybody in the town new except me while I was on the 3 shifts so when I was let out I went home but the marriage was now well and truly doomed but were just living as man & wife In name only and then I started to go out with my new friend jonny walker, after a while he introduced me to his friend jim beam and my life started to go down hill , I went to work one day when I ok, but was left with a limp, we are putting you in the stores what doing? your going to be trained as a reciever/ dispatcher oh no!! within a week the leading hand was asked how is he? I think he's done this before but he keeps to himself, so the foreman asked me you have picked this up quick? have you done this before? yes I have, where? does it really matter? no not really, I was starting to change for the worse, My friends were saying that I was getting sour at everybody and they were starting to keep away but I didn't care I still had my 3 friends and they were good to me

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