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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Living in Australia in the '70s

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Night shift was going great for me,( instead of my Bank Balance was going up it was coming DOWN,) so coming towards the end of '73, marriage was taking a turn for the worse, her father was getting on a bit so he said I have got to get a job where I can settle for my old age applyed for a job in the north west, without discussing it he said afterwards that he didn't think he would get it so he didn't say anything but then was accepted so he went up there to pave the way for HIS family he had secured accomadation for him & his wife & daughter , and his married daughter & son-in-law & children, but I wasn't included so wasn't intrested or bothered, then he wrote he had made a few inqiures and his wife could work in the township, his son-in-law can get a job working in the first aid post & Annee can get a job as a cleaner in the townships hospital, when they had a month to go then & only then did I get considered we have put the house on the market are you going to try and get a job up there as well? Sorry we tried to see if there were any job's but your not qualifed but was told you can take a chance and go up there and if there are any jobs they will consider you on the spot, so they went I moved into a small unit for 3 month's while I decided what I was going to do, your married your supposed to be with me, oh i can't dad's already got me a job but you will be up there soon anyway? so I worked for 6 weeks while I trained the other bloke in Febuary '74, I decided to drive up there to be with my wife, sorry no job's at the moment, but who told you to come up here we do all our requitments in Perth my Father-in-law" what's his name and where does he work I said the powerhouse hang on, we might be able to fit you in, as to married accomadation you will have to go into the single man's quarters? take a seat 10 min's later please come in, what are you trying to pull? what do you mean? I have been in touch with Mr X and he said he has two daughters and only 1 is married have you got proof? of your marriage no my wife has got it and where is she, living with her mother & father look I'm sorry I have been in touch and he say's he's never heard of you? so you'll have to leave the site? ( I was getting upset by this time) look I'm sorry but you haven't got proof if you have then show me? I said I can't, so I went into a caravan in Roebourne, and got a job then I drove up to the chalet park to confront her, I know my mum & dad told me but if you make waves he can lose his job? her father got a lift home excuse me me who are you? you know who I am go or i"ll call the police, everything ok yea they must have called the police cause they turned up sorry this gentleman said he doesn't know you sorry if you don't move on I'll have to arrest you? me!!! So I went back to work to re- think my next move? I had gave up a good job for this

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