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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Living in Australia in the '70s

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Carriyng on from this morning (as I said in Hindsight things were going to get much worse) so I had no choice, but when Annee came home I confronted her ( at this time in my young life, I'm not ashamed to say how Gullable I was) she fed me a story and I belived it why would i do that sob,sob,sob, then she MUST have had a very strong word with her family cause they didn't say anything to me after that, but I could see they wanted to, you could see it in their faces, so when Annee was around they HAD to put up with me, but was silent then one day her mother said your not bl***dy sqeagly clean we'll catch you!! ( me!!! but they say openly she's playing up???) then I told Max & Joseph in the pub one night who wanted to see me with some news, but before that don't even LOOK at another woman until we get back to you hey?, so what's the good news?, ok what you doing tomorrow? nothing why Fred want's to see you urgently!! at 9am and DONT' BE LATE ( he used to get there at 7.30) so I arrived to be greeted by some of the staff that used to be there everybody shaking there heads what's up? then Fred came out everybody into the warehouse wth chairs set out ok? let's start the reason I asked you to come here today and I thank-you what I would like to know who has re-applied for a job here? up goes the hand's and what happened? then came the reason's why they wern't taken on? ok most of you have almost got the same story? which I thought was the story sorry it's taken a while but I found out accidently found out someone shouted out ( and not me!!) normally place Fred? in the pub we heard hahah and the whole meeting cracked up even Fred had a laugh, ok Miss Jones please come in, click click from the back of the warehouse so everybody as you normaly do turned around AND IT'S SANDRA back to her old self or seemed to be, this ladies and Gentelmen everybody looks around that's not you etc!! ok Joke over!!,) this will be our & your new personnel manager as from tomorrow, bang clap & cheers poor Sandra!!! take a bow we yelled and she did, NOW I have some bad news, I have no choice in terminating the services of our current_________ (didn't have a chance to say it) again claps and cheers, ok now if anybody would like to find out any info come and see Sandra any Questions? I want to come back but I have to give notice?, we don't want to take someones job if I do come back? ok listen up!! we have been permission to start a nightshift up, so If the afternoon shift that was started by is anything to go by the nightshift will be a success as well, so ok? and anybody who is working now don't worry we will give you your old job back so don't thing your going to miss out? ok so I was waiting at the back talking to Max, and hi Mike nice to see you again see you later Boss hahah, what after a few people said the same thing, Max said come on went down to the front hi mike said Sandra what's up? why's people saying see you later boss? Hey mike what? look!! looked at the book and there's my name in bold print RECIEVING & DISPATCHER MIKE DORAN, with a sly laugh Fred said seeing your not working I thought you woulnd't mind and look you almost have enough for the nightshift, and you said to Joseph that nobody wouldn't listen to you when you started the afternoon shift, because of your age so what's this? so hear we go again!! ( secretly I was over the moon to think at my age I was so thought so highly off that I was asked (well shang highed) to start another shift so I had to celbrate didn't I? ok the drink's on Mike any CORDIAL you 'd like yea yahoo they all shouted, went home with a smile as big the Mersey what are you looking all smug about I have got my old job back!! what afternoon shift? no night shift but there's no nightshift? there is now I'm starting it up oh that's nice ( why are they happy? oh well must they be happy for me there accepting me now, never hit me) Annee was over the moon when she heard the news even I was taking back when do you start? how often? why all the questions? oh I'm just happy for you, but we will have to arrange to go out when you off I'll have to say in like a good wife THEN my hairs on the back of my neck!!!

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