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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Australia Bound

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So I was in the bad books again with my new wife ( hindsight!!!~ thing's were only going to get worse much worse to a life & death situation) I was reallly worrried about you ,ahh was you!!! sorry things got a bit out of hand we were only going to have 1 or 2 drink's but Fred joined us and well!!! you could have phoned you must have had A.5c I haven't had much sleep worrying about you all night, it was my turn to think you rat!! I've got a very sensative wife that lasted all of 1/2 hr? her mam,( and dad as well but he could see easy money that's why he wanted to sponsor me so he could alway's chuck it up in my face later on boy was I glad that pommy/aussie officer talked me out of it) sister & brother in law hated my guts and I mean hated with a passion, 2 examples 1 now and 1 later in the story,1, if they could stick the knife in they would AND ENJOY IT, and they did over breakfast no sooner as I sat down, did you enjoy your self last night? well I did till I came home this morning and Anne told me she was worried and up at night? omg and you belived it she was out till about an hr before you came home we told her to make you suffer she has been seeing another bloke about 6/7 month's after we arrived that's where she was last night / this morning and the sooner she can divorce you the better but No she has got to have someone to make her look good, so I was Gutted after only a few short months of married life ( but the was worse to come

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