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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Australian bound

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WARNING, WARNING!! if violence upset's you don't read further!!! So this chapter is an upsetting one this will show you how somebody think's a possiction is his and tries to show off in front of them, so your's trully is a married man now (oh grest free sex!! I have a headache!!!!) so july'72 no job oh i feel sorry for my self, hmm shall I? so rang Max up hey listen sound out fred for us? can't he's not doing that job oh he left ? nah he's the ruddy big boss now, the life & laughter has gone out of the place now since you left? Sandra still there yea, but has a no hoper for a husband thinks he's a tough man, yea on the Saturday Port Beach beach for the firm's annual bbq, when he caught a young male worker looking at Sandra's Asset's and when most was gone to show of he had muscles, walked up and kicked sand into his eye's then really laid into him Sandra & a few friends tried to stop him, but his was so outraged broke his arm and nose and a couple of ribs and jumped on him and said now look again and I'll kill you!! and you lot open your mouth shut or and you'll get the same come on but!!! LEAVE HIM he deserves it, a passerby walking his dog 10 min's later found him and called 000 ( our 999) when I heard about this my stomache turned over and then with outrage and anger, on the Monday afternoon, he had been in RPH since Saturday afternoon when he could speak the young man told the police where he worked and all the workers & staff was outraged & upset, but as normal MR NOBODY DID IT & oh it must have been someone else, the young man was off work for 4 weeks but one of the friends was so upset, angry, guilty, & ashamed for not speaking up, rang the poilce up and told them, they ARRANGED for Sandra to get her husband down on the pretence her car was broken down, but at the same time her husband got there they bought the young man down he took one look and said your the one that beat me up? yea and if you open your mouth you'll be dead IS THAT SO SIR? your under arrest for assualt you wait I'll get you you ***** at his wife, keep it up sir you have been read your rights keep it up your digging a large hole for your self a policeman had lost his grip, he was headbutted in the face right whack handcuffs on their hurting me? so!!! we warned you straight into the back of the paddy wagon the next day he was in freo court 1st witness his wife, I never rang the police I'm scared of him and then the injured policeman " now honestly tell me if your were on jury duty and a policeman came in with his face bandaged how do think you'd feel" he just kept interruppting then the worst you can imingine! what you looking at idiot sitting up there high & mighty? you think your better than ME? closing arguements' my client is very remorseful about what he did? yea and i'll do it again any one looks at my wife like that, so after all this it was up to the jury to decide he went down to the holding cells while they delribated then the foreman came back excuse me "Sir" are we allowed to consider the personal "attack " on you? NO, NO, I have to put up with that all the time can you tell me MR foreman do you want me to adjurn? no Sir we will be back shortly within 15 min's fine thank you ( by the way the court was mostly filled with Anchor Foods workers & staff in support of their workmate) so back the came the jury the jury 1st charge of assualt to the young man? "GUILTY" assualt to the policeman in the course of his duty "GUILTY" leaving the scene without rendering first aid/ assistance "GUILTY" threatening behaviour to all present "GUILTY" and that is the majority yes sir, thank you members of the jury you are dismissed I will sentance in 1 week, in the meantime BAIL is refused, take him into remand, 1 week later with the servity of the this case he was charged to 18 month's jail & 2 years good behavior, with no minum the full sentance is to be served and upon release you will be expected to attend anger managerment for 6 month's if you re- offend after the 6 month's you WILL serve the rest of your sentance, he was taken away, then I was told later he tried to be smart in the prison by picking on a smaller person, and was TALKED to by fellow inmates ( (proberly fell on a couple of bars of soap) within the next 9 month's Sandra filed for divorce on the grounds of mental & phisical abuse but the confident sexy girl was no more the abuse had taken care of that, and also asked for a restraining order to be taken out on his release, Sorry about a terriable chapter!! but while all this was going on still out of work, I had re-applied for my old job sorry "no vacancy's!!" so that was that I waited around for Max & Joseph ( still kept up the friendship with a lot of my old work mates) so we could go for to the pub for a drink ok so when do you start? I don't why not? according to him as soon as he read my file he said sorry your not suitable ay your joking? so come on let's down a few? getting into Joseph's car beep beep thought it was you how you going? going to the pub join us said me? sorry like you proberbly hen pecked haha, then Max thought he was out of earshot said never cared before you got the job!! what was that Max? I said you never cared about before you got the promotion you was alway's down the boozer with YOUR workers? here come the fire work's? BUT no, sorry trying to make an impression on the new bosses from the east? come on hop in, leave your car's here down at the pub I had 1 or 2 or 4 or 5 so I asked fred sorry i get called FJ now, ( never then or now have learnt to keep my GOB shut) **** Me, your right you two life & laughter has gone now, glad I did get knocked back my shout? what's he mean he got knoocked back? I wasn't told he re-applied? your *********** replacement opened his file and said sorry say's your file say's your "NOT SUITABLE" but ,look i'm in charge of hiring and firing now!! so we were on the way to getting more p***ed, you still on pint's fred!!! or your new job your on short's? hahaha? herrrrr no still on pint's Mike thank's, tell me what did he say to you? oh I went in sat down oh thank's for coming have you worked in a place like this? I have worked here oh I thought you said Mike Darwin ( hate my name beind miss pronuced ) no you said that I said Mike Doran? oh hang on a sec came in with my file opened it tut,tut, sorry you have had a wasted trip but your file say's "NOT SUITABLE" goodbye, why? hmmm just wondering that might explain why other workers from here , I've heard have been taken on at Cottee's? leave it to me you can't drive let's get a taxi home so gave the publican the card I had in my wallet and orded a round you lot won the big lotto then? nah the boss's paying aren't you fred? any think you say, called one be here in 15 give us a shout when he comes ok? taxi comes all stagger out side where to first stop get my boss home and where that Kalamunda **** you can pay? of course I have to take A$30 in advance, listen you accent rings a bell I've heard it before, get in the front, can you direct me? ahh it's my £10 pommy friend put your money away you know it's no good in my cab I thought you said you paid your own fare? I did but it's long story ain't it Aussie? bl**dy oath yer pommy git, so we got there can you wait Aussie? cause I can for you, fred where's your ruddy key's in my pocket ok? Git your backside of my hand!! so Max and me walked Fred up the path this bring's back memory's fred yup sure does, hang on let's get the key in the lock s**** it won't turn ssshe's (fred talking) locked me out yea hang on HEY Madgee come on me back's ruddy killing me holding your old man up here, who's that? it's your fancy fella stick's her head out the window hello stranger hang on unclick, unclick what you got fort knox? staggers in how about some coffee and tea? he's passed it Nah not for him for us lot? us lot? Max,Me. Joseph, & my friend the taxi driver ok we'll get him up the stairs first then I must have known something why? i've made a batch of scones with currant's? yea so up we go i'm in front she's pushing I thought I wasn't going to see this again my fault? alway's apoligising did you have to force it down him no he did willingly after the first 3, so finally we get him there off goes his shoes & sock's leave the rest he can sleep there I'll sleep in the spare bed? for a woman of 35 ish she still had everything then hey you get your eyes off my why? i wasn't going to get a slap so I rolled out of her way but too far and rolled of the bed with a bang 2 min's later running up the stairs have you dropped fred? no it was Michael he rolled of the bed thinking i was going to hit me why did he think that? never mind? look let's all go down stairs we all started talking it was 2230 when we left the pub drop of fred of then carry on but we never left fred's, tell me Aussie why do you call Mike your £10 pommy friend? ok it goes like this? and so the story came out, by 0145 we had virtually sobbered up ,we'd better get going" nah too late kip here now, Mike your in the spare bed? and I'll get some mattress for you guy's ok? yea thank's were are you going to sleep? in the spare bed but Mike's in there? Mike why didn't you tell me I said that? well you know!!! I'll sock you what did you ever think? Hmmm alway's the joker aren't you who said I was joking Hmmm? next morning we had brekki and took fred to get his car and the boy's went to work Aussie took me home WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN ALL NIGHT SEE YOU MATE AND HE WAS GONE AND SO MUST i AS IT'S 0615

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