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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Australia Bound ( new title)

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In the mean time with a new car & new jab my life was starting to get better, a month later I was called into the managers office of BUTLIN'S" how's your new job & car? look as you have been here for 4 month's now so as the policy is when you have reached 3 month's we have to ask you to start looking for accomadation so we can bring somebody else out the reason we have left it for an extra month to give you time to repay your loan but as you have re-payed your loan can we ask you to find other accomadation yes !!! thank you for letting me stay here it's been really good ( was starting to learn the Australian way of thing's if you "bullsh**t but do it with sincerty and things happen oh yea I thought?) but his next comment floored me!! look we don't do this all the time but you have paid your rent in advance each fortnight, as well as paying your loan off, so if you need a reference for rent here's my card just get them to ring me, oh thank you very much BOB and went to my room, that afternoon at work, working with Joseph until he went home told him what he said so your looking for a batchlor pad? well I suppose yea, so I'll start looking in the paper ( The West Australian news paper in the 70's was A$.7C and a postage stamp to home was A$.56c I posted a letter to my mum & sister in Scotland Tuesday was A$2.35c) so I carried on working away then ding dong!! Joseph come to foreman's office? he came back about 1/2hr later you been gas bagging again? ( starting to get cheeky then?) well that's sorted what is? when do you have to move? why? the secatery will be down to see you in about 1/2 hr, well Boy's !!! she how can I say it? she waddle down the old saying 36-26-36, and she Sandra knew it woof woof , from the boy's she waddled right up to me, my landlady as a room to rent? if your intressed, but she has to make a couple of enquires first about you, from Anchor Cordials position Fred has given you a glowing reference? I'll let you know in a couple of day's ? wait before you look anymore? anymore Joseph? GORDON BENNETT I said I haven't even started so knock off time for joseph he said see yer 'dont work too hard hahahaha" yea you rat next you'll have me married off? 10 min's later he came down you forgot something? No just come to give you moral support hey? then click click waddle waddle, ohh I thought you had all knocked off? Mike all girly girly, my land lady said you you can move in anytime you want? so WILL YOU!! she said I'm going home now waddle waddle Max & Joseph just laughed then you got sisters? yea 1 why? hahahahahah from both you move into that house and well!!!! ah come on? spill the bean's? went home next morning said i want to hand my notice in I thought you might said bob your paid up so when on the weekend ok? yea well Saturday came Max,Joseph thought we'd help? oh thanks thought we'd help a mate out hahah then blow me down Sandra popped around the corner with a spaced out fella so off we went,40 years later I now know what " it mean's by sodamin & glormora" the house had 6 girls in it and just the land lady's husband Hmmm!! who was alway's passing the girls in the corridor, just had a compliment from two shell staff members? we like it when your on cause every hour you come around and talk to us the others don't it's funny your mate is the same age, but his nick name to us late workers is Grumpy oh yea what's mine GOOFY? no H_A_P_P_Y ok Mark said here's one?" why did the BLONDE climb the glass wall? oh that's easy so she could SEE what was on the other side? ok smart arse see you in an hour!!, so around 3 month's later my Girlfriend ( that wanted me to move in when I arrived from England came to the house and all these girl's walking around can I see Michael who? I was told he lived here oh we call him something different which suits him better?( never ever found out what the girls called me had a lot of guesses but they wouldn't tell me the rat's) but afterwards I was told she had called but they said I was paid up for 3 month's and there was no refunds, she came and tried to see me at work one afternoon but I was told later that Sandra had seen her off, about a week or so later we were all in the pub celebrating because Anchor Cordials were now going to be called Anchor Foods and we were all given a NICE WAGE RISE from the company, I was now very happy after just over a year in Australia I had a good work effics so I farewelled Anchor foods much to the sadness of every one but was told by fred you want a refernce or a job ring me, so I was thinking of going walkabout might see if I can go to Melbourne and see if I can get a job on the trams, month's later I got a phone call from Max what you doing on the weekend? nothing much why? you want to come down to port beach? yea why not so I had went down NOBODY DOWN THERE? funny bugger!! just going to walk up the beach when they were all coming down thought you'd be leaving it was as if I'd just knocked off work all pleased to see me as I was them, in the meantime I moved in with my girlfriend got a job at bushells tea delvering tea to the shops did that for a couple of months, but wasn't the same working envioment as Anchor Cordials, so on the 6th july '72 at a church in beaconsfield freo, I tryed the knot if I knew what it was going to be like I would tryed the knot ok around her ruddy neck, but we decided to get Married (1 big mistake) with Max as my best man & Joseph as my groomsman, what about my brother? so what about him? I want him!!! listen I pick my side? your pick your side, so where are we going for our Honeymoon? won't be for long as I haven't got a job? but I booked in to the hotel on Rottnest for 3 days ( wa's holiday Island) and from then things started to go PEAR SHAPED FOR ME, more to follow

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