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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Settling down cont

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So 0800 Tuesday went into work, Mike come into the office will you I know you've just started ( as long as I can remember I have always been funny) just 1 question have I been too slow that's why I getting the push? who say's your getting the push? No I was wondering if you would like to go on shift work ( he said more money for the 2 shifts) when I was hesitating no that's fine that's not it, it's just Max pick's me up and then drops me home? oh don't worry about that I can ask who's passing your house!! ok then right can you finish off today,wednesday & thursday on day shift, then the start of the pay week on friday you start at 1400 until 2200 right you have a choice where would you like to work? boss given you a choice?
I enjoyed working in the recieving & the despatch? Good Man that's what I was hoping you would say!! ok away you go and get trained? get trained for stacking!!! so went and saw Joseph ok what do you want me to stack? stack? no your other staff will do that, your job will be doing what I'm doing but on the the afternoon shift you are going to start up ME!!!? I ONLY STARTED YESTERDAY? No sorry Joseph I can't there's other people been here longer than me? look I think I know how your feeling but you have to have confidence in your own abilty your young you'll be ok just try it for a few weeks then decide ok? but anyway well I took it on my self to recommend you after working with you yesterday afternoon, hope your still going to take it now? and you'll be keeping clean and for the next few day's I'll show you how to drive the forklift again ME!!! I have never drove one before, then Brr Brr yes he is, ok will do what time,? Mike Ajax rang your driving lesson & test is set for 1100- 1300 tommorow so come in here at 0800 then Ill let you go when he turn's up ok? so wednesday 0800 start work with Joseph ok i'l show you how to recive then despatch omg I'm going to stuff up big time? No you won't I'm here and you can ring me up at home if it's that bad I'll come in ok don't worry!1 here's me 22, so 1100 came did my 1st lesson great Mike see when you pass your test yea I'have all the confidence in you? how come people keep saying that? why? it's your honesty and attitude and people see something in you, so now for the big one? ok Gentleman start your engine, me got into the Giggles, funny look!! did I say something funny? Sorry but you did thats what they say when you start a car race? your good to pick that up? ok forward driving around, ok down South Terrace, now I'm telling you Im going to give you an emergerency stop so do your normal speed than bang "STOP" ok turn your engine off handbrake on, ok i'm going for FISH & CHIPS do you want any? no i'll get something when I get back to work, you sure? cos I'm going to stop around the corner and have lunch so you'll be there for an 1/2 hr? ok here's A$5.00 ( in the '70's f & c's was around A$2.50) so he came out with fish & chips & a drink and gave me A$.20c oh sorry I thought you said get yours as well? ( cheeky sod?) hang on I'll give you the money when we get there ok? forward we stopped had lunch ok we'll head back now oh hang on I owe you some money? ( don't take it michael something fishy here) no it's ok,I feel a bit settled now, yea funny that they do so drive back to the Police station, wait over there while I check your test? driving instucter came and sat down ok mike? just waiting for yea or nea did you buy his F & C yea why? well that's your answer hey!! thank you when he gives it to you, MICHAEL DORAN well done just watch your driving and don't take your 'p's off for 2 years ok thank you, driving home he said when I saw who your instructor I knew you had it how? he alway's does but only if you are good enough, back to work thanks for that your welcome, stay safe back to work so how did you do? showed him well done go, and see joseph but he already knew so did everybody else, Max that night your buy? and now you don't need a lift how do you mean you said you like my car? yea so wait till Saturday laugh , laugh, Saturday came ok your buying my car ( Hillman Hunter 4 door) and i'm buying another one but I haven't got a deposit? touched his nose twice oh ok 2 commisions if it goes though sales man you want to buy this car yea? ok got A$20 here you are straight into his pocket ok sign here A$1000 deposit ( you pay the car A$60 per month and pay me A$50 a week until the A$1000 is paid back ok? my face fell both laughing their heads off, ok Max your turn A$3000 trade in & A$1000 cash ok yea same as your mate trade back when you want)
my earlier years in Australia was a real eye opener but glad I did

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