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Settling down

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So after the dss rang up all these firms, Monday morning came I got a call from Reception mail here, expecting mail from my family, but no I had 3 offers from employers so made arrangments to see them over 2 days,
In the 70s, Australia had a WHITE POLICY so employment was great you could pick your jobs and stay as long as you want and employers knew it, today for instance for every job there are appox 30 people wanting them,
so when I had decided to advise the employers that I would stay as long as I was happy and they thank me for being honest, my first job was working in a hide shop, it was so smelly my job was to put the hides into a vat of vingar then hang them up, after a month I was going home on the bus smelling of hides & Vingar, so I gave my notice in, then I rang up another firm working in a cable factory rolling cables on to a big drum but I was sacked cause I wasn't faster enough, in the mean time I decided to go out for a night out I loved fremantle so went and sat down at a table within a very short time the pub started to fill up and two people asked could I share my table sure, they started talking and he was telling his wife that the delivery driver started to reverse in when one of the girl's walked past and reversed straight into a stack of cordial all over his truck ( yak very sticky) I was still thinking in the terms of LORRYsI couldn't help it, I burst out laughing, my glass was empty so I excused my self when I got my beer the table I left had another two couples so I stood againist the door then tap on my shoulder hey mate sorry we took your table you waiting for someone? no well come and join us if you'd like to I don't like to entrude come on over when I get the drinks so I went over they made room after a while our drinks were empty you having another? sorry until I get another job my finaces are a bit low our treat ( mam had a saying 1 door closes & 1 opens) Max came back ok let's get down to buisness before we get ****ed right you say you have not got a job Mike? yea well we can't guantee it but you free next week to start work right ok I"m in tomorrow I'll ask ok back to some serious drinking were do you hail from? next morning Brr Brr Mike foreman want's see you sorry I have not got a licence ok hang on Mike the delivery truck will pick you up and i'll take you home oh no not another pom!! can you start Monday? after a week I decided to taking driving lessons as I had 3 provisional licence's in Rainhill, but over in Prescot you go for your driving test 1st then you do your highway code 3 times I got the driving test perfect, but fell down on the highway code,
so I was told you have to read the rules of the rd first then come back so thinking of home all the written questions were multiple choices so I went home and read over the weekend it was good cause I love reading, on the Friday I told the foreman I was going to try and get my drivers learners permit ok good luck see you Tuesday? Tuesday I was told it won't take that long so can I come back monday afternoon if you have time but don't rush it? 0800, Morning morning I was outside the police traffic dept, sgt came to unlock your keen our kid, the girls for the permit's don't start until 0830? ah well i'll just wait here nah come inside and just read your book at least your the first, stated talking your not a scouse are you I said no I'm from Rainhill? not the looney bin!!! so you support St Helen's no I follow Liverpool, WHAT GET OUT with a hearty laugh there's only one team thats' EVERTON you got to be joking!!, so 0830 came ok mate in you go take your time you have all day, so I don't know I seemed to start and just picked the most obvios answer ( example if somebody is crossing the zebra what do you do?) so 30 min's later finished but nobody around so just checked my answers I was happy, then sgt popped his head around the cnr ok mate? having trouble? no I've finised,well come outside and I'll mark them but you can come back tommorow so he started to mark cross ,cross **** I've failed then tick, tick, tick, ok mate how do you think you did? Failed I said? yes you would have done if you had anymore then the 3 I crossed so hang on come over here take off your specs, cover your left eye and read the lowest line lesson now the other one, ok back here again got your dob certificate fine, have you got your English licence? nah mate that's no good you have an Aussie leaner's permit now, see you soon? oh by the way you don't have to but if you get a driving school for your test you'll pass it, no I haven't? here walk down the road and give this card to ajax driving school, so toddle down yes mate intressed in lesson's? got your permit? fine brr brr/ sorry hang on, yes that's fine ok mate how did you here about us? gave him the card? oh no I owe him another meal with a laugh hang on a sec thank's just signing up
so when do you want to start? I have a free hr now sorry, I'm on my way back to my work in fremantle yea where ? Anchor Cordials oh I know it what time are you due back? oh foreman said anytime ok hop in your first lesson drove down the rd to the bus depot car park ok change over? after 10 min's ok i'll direct you on to the main rd 30 min's in fremantle, ok just drive around then ok, i'll take you back to work got to work pulled up ok i'll go and book your test what??? you have to have another 1 hr lesson then 1 hr test your more than ready how much,A$3 per hr and to get your licence & test A$15 will finish this off tommorow night just been relived
Will give you a couple of day's notice, so back to work how did you go? showed him the permit didn't expect you back so soon you must have got the bus straight away told him about the driving school and me driving back and him saying I'm good enough for my test good on your mate ok when you here let us know? ok look go into the despatch and help in there, going to take the driving intructor

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