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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Ship trip from Singapore to my new country

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So Approx 41 years ago, we arrived from London to a hot & steamy Singapore, we decided (while at Gatwick waiting to leave I formed a friendship with some boy's & girls who like me was were starting in a new country and we were all very nervovous about the future, funny I have never had any trouble forming friendships as you know, just keeping them that's my trouble) so we all went for a meal, then back to the hotel for a kip next afternoon a bus picked us up for some of us the final leg of our trip well talk about a ship this was just like a ferry across the Mersey (I don't know what the ROYAL IRIS WEIGHED ) we were told it was an ex russian trawler that had been converted into a cruise ship it was 9.5 ton with out stablisers which we were to find out on the trip over (years later we found out that mv Kvarbosk had finished her season and heading back for the winter season in russia but started to take water on so they had to be rescued) but we made the most of it that was until we went to sleep that night with the engines going the smell of diesi in the cabins made everybody sick but because Russian's don't celbrate any of our holidays we had to make our own amustment, one fine day we decided to take our beer by the swimming pool, but all the NICE girls in their skimpy bikinis diving in but we couldn't get near the pool for these old folk so we were standing by the railings, after about an hr & 1/2 we decided to go in but fate or someone up there via the captain ladies & gentlemen I have to annouce we are going to hit some bad weather in the next hr so can you start making your way in doors, no one moved around an hr later we are due to hit the bad weather anytime then it started drizzy al first then heavyer well you should have seen the rats go in!! we moved straight into the ringside seat's of the pool and then the heaven's opened, 10 min's later it stopped everybody started to come out again, YOUNG MAN YOUR SITTING IN OUR SEATS on friend got up, so Sorry if your name is underneath the seat i''give it back NO NAME sat down, oh Purser!! these people are sat in our seats, cheeky us all innocent but there was nobody sat here when we got here? We got told to go in cause of the weather did you sit through all that rain ? yea were from England that wasn't rain just a quick shower sorry said the Purser in that case there in their right to sit in vacant seats and walked off we sat & sat & sat in turns we went for this Swan beer to us was like (P**** water) 7 day's later we arrived 30/12/70 but had to wait until 1/1/71 until we could put our feet on Aussie soil but first we had to go through the paper work etc etc stamping our passport's , bang, bang there were 3 officer's behind the desk, waiting I decided to jump queues were all the same young man!!! seeing your in my queue stay there now got to the front all right queue jumper what's these piccadilly circus? Sorry all shy!! looks at my passport a ha no wonder your from Whiston your a pretend scouser then? to the other bloke here you can have him his's more your part then mine? remember his next line, so if you tell me the wrong answer your in his queue who do you follow? err Liverpool very quiet correct right how long are you staying 3,6 or 12 month's ready to gab the stamp can I ask a question? if I stay for 12 month's can I leave and then come back for another 12 month's? look i'll tell you what bang on the passport that do you? stamped indefenate happy now? then everybody started asking for that stamp then we waited and walked down the Gangplank together then Michael!! Sh** mum & dad's here nah you goose some girl over there is waving to you Bl**dy hell he's only been here for 5 min's and got girl's waving to him so we made arrangments to meet in the pub across the road in a couple of day's, then come a voice attendtion please will the following people report to me with their luggage my name called there's some mistake we sponsored you your staying with us? this your signture sir yes well your on the goverment list to go to the holiday camp at Bateman so that didn't go down to well BYeeeeeeeee said our goodbye with a promise to catch in a few day's at the pub, well that was a waste of a couple of hrs for nothing, what'a your name Sir, Yardley well I have a letter here to say that because you haven't been here for 12 months your self yet you can't sponsor anybody that's why Mr Doran was accepted by the Goverment as he had passed all the reqirment's didn't you get the letter? so this was my first day in my new country more next time

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  1. Oudeis's Avatar
    Mike, you are a jammy sod and no mistake. You do rather well for one self-confessed stumbler-through-life. 9.5 ton? With swimming pool? Whales weigh more than that and all they have is a fountain.
    Now you can get back to sitting and relaxing in the Sun.