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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty


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Arrived in Fremantle Australia 31/12/70 @ 1830 ( 1/2 hr after pilot's had gone home so had a new years party on the boat then watched the fireworks over fremantle @ midnight 6am pilot came out to bring us in HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to Australia 1/1/71

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  1. Oudeis's Avatar
    When you are well again and back here I hope you have put together the story of the voyage. Christmas at sea and all that.
    All the best Mike.

    I'll have to do a bit of hard thinking to remember what I was doing all that way back in 1971...come to think about's unlikely to come back to me given the date and me a Scotsman.
  2. grekko's Avatar
    Liverpoolkid2, I have just spent one of the most enjoyable hours I can remember, reading your highly amusing and entertaining blog. The honesty and sincerity in your life story shines through, it's no surprise your friends and workmates were sad to lose you, but then again their loss has been Australia's gain. Keep writing, your memories are better than any tonic that could be prescribed. Thank you once again for taking the time to record your eventful early life, looking forward to the continuing saga.
    Best of luck with your health , take care.
  3. liverpoolkid2's Avatar
    Oudies not that i'm trying to be funny, but my mam told me the reason i have a good memory about any details was because it was good to & for me, but if something happened that wasn't memorable then you would have a lot of work trying to remember it