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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty


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So begining of Sept 1970 been for my final interview filled all the form's in for Australia, At the bottom of London rd near the odeon, so now the Aussie officer said now it's waiting game for Australia back in Canberra to cross the T's and Dot the I's and then you will know in a few weeks so went back to work couldn't say much as I didn't know, but then a funny thing happened Sept come & went, Oct came and was almost finished when I had a phone call from Australia house in Liverpool of course I'm waiting and i'm at work then I arrived home hi mum? you have had a phone call from Australia house he want's to talk to you ASAP so he'll ring back tonigh around 6/7, so 7pm phone ring's can I speak to Michal Doran yea that's me, hang on I know the voice yea it's me, look in a couple of day's you be asked to come in again, I said I thought you said that was it yea it was supposed to be but first thing we have not had this conversation tonight right (oh yea something fishy here,) when you do get called in your upset at the delay, why what's up? you know your supposed to be sponsored by your fiance's father? I said yea but you said it would be better to pay my own fare out? yes it is, better for you, a letter went to him saying you had changed your mind? yea well he's now saying you had it changed for you!! so it's come back to me and I've been asked did I change your mind I said all I said was you have to tell them your whereabout's for the next two years so what's the problem? when & if i'm asked? I listened to the fact's then asked you would that hurt my chance's and you said NO so I changed my own mind didn't I? okay thank's for that, a week later I asked my duty inspector I have an Appointment for Australia house I can I change shift's yea don't think that'll be a problem hang on you have two day's off yea that's ok I'll bring them forward and then when your done give us a ring for your next shift, so down I go showed into this office, how come you changed your mind? the officer was there did anybody here change your mind? I was given the fact's and I decided and beside that If I take this job what Job? showed him a letter from Melbourne transport trust offering me a job as a TRAM conductor when I arrive oh I see ok thank's for coming, no I don't want anybody to get into trouble on my account no one's in trouble just a bit strange that was all, good luck with the job as a tram conductor well as least you know the job doing it here? I hope you like overtime cause there's plenty oh I can't write and tell them I have to wait for somebody ti cross the t's and dot the I's lol he said, no now that's sorted out well welcome to Australia? your one way ticket will be out in a couple of day's for you to travel jet/ship London -Singapore (jet)- Singapore- Perth Australia ( via ship) you have to find your own way to Gatwick airport for the flight leaving in 6 week's time 23/12/70 so I went back to work told the duty inspector ok you start your 4 week's notice from tomorrow I had more overtime and I was not going to knock it back, the last saturday on the bus depot overflow all the buses were moved to one end & a big farewel party was put on at 4pm, 9pm other crew's were coming off duty so they come & wished me good luck in my new country, tears calore( mainly mine and some of the clippies I thought didn't know I was alive) towards the end, then Monday came to hand in my uniform/ticket machine and a week at home then my old driver pulled up with the service bus to go home he said I made a little detour arrived in Rainhill beep beep and that was the last time I travelled on a ST Helen's bus thinking when I go back I'll go for a trip but by the time I went back home ST helen's buses were no more new ones sold off, older oness had gone to the bus heaven ( the scrap man) next time start of life in new country:handclap:

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  1. Oudeis's Avatar
    Bon voyage!!!