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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

No Hoper

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So over the next few week's that turned into month's, with no job prospects, no money to go out with, all my mates had started to get girl & boyfriends, so all what I had done was and had hit home, so i was really feeling sorry for myself!! that's when I decided to listen to some advice my dad had given me listen to what your heart is telling you and you won't go wrong, so after a visit to the Prescot Labour exchange same time, same old questions, same old faces, went home here take this £ and get some fresh air and a drink, about 6 weeks off my 18th birthday and what had I done [B]NOTHING[U][/U][/B] just walking through Rainhill village How you going ( shut up I feel worse as it is) oh fine thank you, then crossed the road and then I heard my name being called MICHAEL, (hate getting called that even now reminds me of my mum & dad your in trouble JUST WAIT till your dad get's home) then an old school friend 6 month's older than me said coming in for a few pint's few try 2? can't be that bad you still working in West Derby" don't start on that so what are you doing? nothing every thursday get a bus up to the dole & back again, so you fancy a job? ok smart ar---? rub it in why don't you, well I'll give you a ring tomorrow or the day after oh yea my job's looking for workers to start Asap, so we bought me a couple more my treat, hey you only had a £ you 1/2 pi---ed next dad Michael you have an interview tommorow pick you up as I am on late shift, got to ST Helen's Corpy this is the friend I was telling you about? ok come in, hang around after we'll go to the canteen, interview over, went for a canteen how did you go? sorry bad news!! what no good? no bad news is I start training Monday as a bus conductor, but I will be on the bank run and in the depot until my PSV badge comes then I'm out with a experinced conductor 4 day's later shiny new Green badge and was issued with my shoulder badge J 457, ok your training on Route #7 with that conductor turned around and Alan and his Driver has got a grin from ear to ear that's a turn up? no we asked for you, so there started 2 years as a conductor, about 3 month's later after working on my own bus & driver I looked at the running sheet for that next week I had Fri & Sat off & Sun & Mon for the next week after, Alan said listen a few of us are going to " The skid pad at London Transport" for our driver's training on Friday, but Leaving thursday afternoon and Saturday can go and watch Chelsea get murded by Liverpool and come back Monday were do we stay that's ok London transport said we can use their barrack's, so stayed ON THE BUSES TILL Dec 1970, in the meantime I met my first wife (brrrr) and then followed her to Perth Wa but was adviced before I left by Australia house pay you own ticket over as for the 2 years you have to tell her everything if they sponsor you? if I do go that way it's 2 late now? do you want to pay your own fare ? yes well we will pay your farse and you pay us back yea, got married 1972 in Fremantle divorced in perth aug 1975

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  1. Oudeis's Avatar
    It must be all that training as a bus conductor (guard?) that makes your tales rather 'clippy'.
    If anybody tried to picture your doing as you relate them (as I do) they would be put in mind of Quentin Tarintino.
    ...on to the next exciting episode...