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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Last couple of weeks's on the job

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So after I last visted home and talking to my so called mates/girlsfriends it started me thinking of what I (thought) I was missing out on? even though my mum & dad tried to reason with me to way up the good & bad about this great job I decided to hand my notice in so I told my parents of my intentions just think about it first (but in the mean time they made a few phone calls without the other people letting on they knew) while I was thinking, I was given a very strange request/inviitation? for an under butler? her ladyships niece was due to fly back to the states after 6 months Because of that first day ( she actually was 8 month's younger than me) everytime we went anywhere I was always summoned/asked poor old Palmer? woul'd I LIKE TO TAKE HER TO THE AIRPORT!!! in the car not thinking it was a set up she said I had made her visit to Liverpool the most best holiday she has had and can't wait till she comes back you still will be here? I don't know think's can change, antie & uncle are coming to visit my mum & dad in 12 months can I ask them if you to come? I'd love that and I can show you off? in the mean time can I write?, woof woof she has alway's cracked up laughing when I talk but I'd promised I'd think about it, but a few day's later it all changed I walked into the Kitchen and heard Old Palmer saying I hope he does hand in his notice cause he has been hardly done nothing since he's been here so I hope she can't talk him into stayng then I can get an under butler that will listen to me ohh your spitefully said the ladyships lady cause you have had your nose pushed out!!! this is the 1960's not the 1900's, that night when serving dinner her ladyship said I have had a letter from Sonia and she sent one for you? I was very sorry afterwards, I lost it and said sorry when you write you can tell her the plan didn't work, (old Palmer almost had a heartattack) what's this they both said? [B]PLEASE EXPLAIN?[U][/U][/B] so I had no option so I told them everything including what i Heard old Palmer saying well you can inigine the air in the there, IS THE THIS TRUE PALMER? yes mi Lord, well as a matter of fact our niece has written to us saying it was very nice of you to give Michael so much time away from his duties and wanted us to THANK-YOU!!! but this puts it in an entire different light, Michael Sonia did really like spending time with you and we were very happy as well please reconsider as a personal favor from us, but the damage was done now and in my eyes I'd lost their respect ( and from then on I strarted to retreat in my shell hence my very earlier posts even though I hadn't) the next night at tea the valet said what are you going to do? I have to hand my notice in now as it's going to be very hard to work under MR Palmer!!!! now, all the staff what's this, why what's happend? why can't you work under MR Palmer!!! oh haven't you said anything, his own sister not again you haven't? he has look there my staff!! I'll handle them my way, the valet said now his lord & Lady ship know they why the have had some many under butlers, you have just had your card marked I said one day somebody will come and it was Michael , Arrr come on this is very intresting what's happened? I'm going home that's ok i'll tell them, I was embassed as I had to sit there and Listen, Afterwards even his sister said don't listen to him he hates to think one day he'll be replaced and we know you so well liked even by the staff at the other houses right Christine!! and honest if you stay you are the new butler!! but I thought I had to leave so I did leave and leaving the best paid and travelled job at 17 with clothers bought, pocket money, board & loadings I had it worked out for me I was actually earning around £15 pound my last day as normal I was leaving people behind in tears ( soft lot I thought) when I went to the estate office I was told that all my clothers i'd collected since coming to work was not to be handed back but by permission of his lord & ladyship was mine ( I took home 2 suitcases) but then I was given a chq what's this for?? when you or anybody comes into service we put away money every week for them that now I suppose is the e= to a modern day super so I left my employment after almost 3 years in the following months with NO job and having to pay b&b and allowance of £8 per week I was starting to hate my mates for talking me into leaving as my mum & dad said at the time IT WAS YOUR DECISION

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  1. Oudeis's Avatar
    Oh well, Mike. At least you've got us.

    So, you were far-travelled;from one kitchen to the next, from one parlour to the next and from one coal-hole to the next, but then again travel you did anyway and brought your own brand of cheer to many along the way.

    One day I'll tell you about how I could've been a space-man...if it weren't for the re-hab.
  2. Oudeis's Avatar
    ...and now to bring us up to the present...How are your preparations going for your up-coming trip to Asia Mike?
  3. liverpoolkid2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Oudeis
    ...and now to bring us up to the present...How are your preparations going for your up-coming trip to Asia Mike?
    Have got some bad news on that subject Kevin told said dad if you you take AM out sighteeing or you have any expences's let me know and I'll pay you, so last week I asked as she was having 3 showers per day and just wanted a bit of petrol he went ballistic and she must have heard it she decided I wasn't a nice man so she won't come back again? and now she said she might not get married now so I am been blamed two way's, Andrew said dad don't worry about the realtionship can't be that stable ( and I have never pd for a woman yet have you never!!)