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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

The Roya & guess visitl

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So after driving up the his lordships Lancaster Estate ( he has this one and 3 houses in London and Lancashire, Lord Derby as the lord lieutant of Lancashire has numous) we spent about 3 days up there pheasant shooting then John the Lancaster Butler annoced the Queen & the Royal family would be arriving for 4 days people pay thousands of £'s and he's me getting paid for seeing them people say the the Royal family are stuck up but take it from me out of the spotlight their just normal people mind you there are are 1 or 2 who are, 1 person that got up my nose for years every time I saw him and he wasn't a royal just a pretend one and that was Tony Armstrong- Jones "spive poof" but I had my favourite Royal who I got on with very well Princess Alexdra, but as I say I loved my job, over the 2-3 years I was there, we had royalty and celberty's the one think that sticks in my mind then,now,& every time I see her Majesty the Queen was the time as a 16 year old I bowed down to her as she came towards me and split the whole urn of "FRESH HONEY" and she fell and I bent down to help and I went flying, the worse thing was Prince Charles came to help and he went as well we were all trying to get up and then down again all the time laughing, but as I said over the time I was there we had the royals here and from aboard Ken Dodd was a favorite, Norman Wisdom, Cilla Black, Sir Malcome Sergent, for a 15-17 year old that earlier part of my life I can never ever forget it and am really glad that "Oudeis, lindylou,& lizzie" encouraged me to relive it again thank you in the times I wrote this I actually surprised my self as it all came flooding back to me and I have to admit and I Had tears in my eyes as I was writing this so again Thank -you Guy's

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  1. Lizzie1's Avatar
    Great stuff Mike, really enjoyable reading.