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Ron Ham

Lydiate Hall

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[QUOTE=ChrisGeorge;165378]Thanks for the pics, Samp. I had not heard about "Cromwell's Stone" before and it's interesting to see. I do know about the Roundhead siege of Lathom House, which is part of the lore of Lancashire. That it's thought that the holes in the stone (presumably sandstone) could have been used to cast shot used in the siege is interesting to speculate, although one might suspect that red hot iron or lead might have split the stone. But what do I know. In any case though a fascinating vestige of local history!

Chris[/QUOTE] As a Boy Scout in my distant youth & hiking from Ormskirk pulling our trek cart ,I was told the story of the seige of Lathom House , & later on in life I had a boat on the canal & we had some great nights at The Scotch Piper ,so I find this thread extremely interesting ,but regrettably it's a bit far for me to visit now ,living as I do in New Zealand but love the pics & chat . Ron

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