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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Settling down

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So after a hetic couple of day's I started to get into the swing of thing's cleaning ,polishing, cleaning,polishing, then next day I had a few hrs off from 11 to 2 ( as old Palmer said I can handle Lunch) so I went outside to decide to get aquinted with the estate, walked though to the stables/car shed's, olds buggy's, & etc,Walking can I help you mate this is private property? you'd better skid dadle before your seen!! is that you Michael? hi George, you know each other? yea he's the new under butler I was mentioning the other day pleased to meet you Michael, anytime if you have time come around, you like horses I see so who's all these for? everyone and any guests, yea Michael I think is going to be a new bred around here how come? well his Lord & Ladyship came home early and everybody took time off only the girls and Michael were here so they looked after them with food etc didn't you Michael? and though an accident he's got the Lord calling him Michael and old Palmer through a big wobble
while we were talking his lordship's niece came around the corner
and said can i go for a ride? i'm sorry Miss said the stablehand the next time if you ring up I can allot an hr or two oh ok thank you, so in for a pound!! I'm not doing anything just having a bit of free time so I can go for a ride if that's ok yes that would be sup----er can you tell them I have gone for a ride I was a bit late back about an hr did I cop it that, night I helped serve the dinner ( 8.30pm) thank you for today Michael for giving up your free time for me yes I agree that was very spoting of you said his lordship hope you didn't get into trouble?? old Palmer later why didn't you tell me? sorry but you didn't give me a chance later the Valet saw me come into my room I want to tell you something? old Palmer I was told wink wink doesn't like you so be careful cause you seem to be getting in favor, a month later I was asked by the Valet did I want to go up to the Lancaster estate? I don't think i'd be allowed to "leave it to me" couple of day's later while having tea he said oh here is the list for the people reqired for the coming visit to Lancaster Estate, Christine they said you can go home if you want to ok yes if I'm allowed to, and by the way Michael his lordships niece has asked can you go and his & her's permission was given oh I don't know you will have to ask Mr Palmer? he tell's me what to do!!! ( put on the spot again oh how he must hate me and only been there a few month's by now)
what can I say? if I refuse it will make me look bad so yes!! this was going to be an exciting trip more than ever? this was going to be the first of many trips meeting/working with the Royal family & guests

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  1. Oudeis's Avatar
    I trust you are keeping your mind on your work Mike, as you stroll around in the dark. Great stuff, I'm sure they have good things to say about you too.
  2. liverpoolkid2's Avatar
    I am of course I have got all these dvd's so far I have watched 3 of them haha I 'm starting to talk to the ghosts walking around