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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Starting new job

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After going to bed in my new room I couldn't sleep, after what seemed an eternaty i feel asleep and what seemed 10 min's later was awaken by knocking on my door come on sleepy head time to help with brekkie looked at the clock 7am, had a bath changed into my new under butlers uniform, went down stair's why so early? the Sefton's are home and the valet has just called we told him they were home so we had to tell his lordship, who was not very impressed, THE VALET said he would say GOODBYE to his friend who is also a valet and be there within 2/3 hrs so i went to his Lordships room and gently woke him up with a cup of tea asking what he would like for breakfast hmmm what's her lady ship having? I go and find out mi lord, cornflakes, toast & marmalade coffee? ok I'll have egg & bacon, toast strawberry jam & a pot of tea in the dining room, could you run my bath and get my Acceros, blue suit & a cravat and black shoes, my car will be here at the entrance at 9.15am could you please let Simms know to ring the Airport to found out if the plane is on time from America via London, and when he's done that please tell me when the car is here, so did that, cleared the breakfast dishes away re-set the dining room then washed up, phone on the wall ding,ding went to the main entrance Michael tell his Lordship the plane is on time and they are going to usher her Ladyships niece into the vip lounge, so did that saw his Lord & ladyship away went got all the extra silver out and started to polish, an hr later Mr Palmer walked in they will be back around 4pm, 4.45pm afternoon tea and when you meet his Lord & ladyship, do not speak unless your spoken to and your expression must be DEAD Pan they will call you by your Surname ok? but no but's so 4.30pm tray comes up from the kitchen with ( I still call them London sandwiches) goes into the dinning room good afternoon mi lord & mi lady had a nice few day's off Palmer? Pardon mi lord? we arrived back yesterday afternoon and all the staff was missing except Michael & the 3 chamber maids, we were looked after very well food wise & also they did an absolutley good job waiting on us this morning but your Valet was here no he wasn't he was away, Michael helped me out so after that I was alway's referered as Michael not Doran
after Brekkie we go to church if you want to

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  1. Oudeis's Avatar
    "Open the door and...close the door and...look to the left of the door and..." It was probably for the best that they called you Michael.