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Menlove avenue "naughty boys home"

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As a former victim of this place and having had six of the best on my backside by a Mr. J--- S----- while being held down by two other members of staff, I often wonder what happened to the three of them ?( I am 49 now) I thought I read that the place had been closed ? I don't live in Liverpool anymore and would like to catch up on the outcome of the place and if the three "Gentlemen" I mentioned are still alive ! I had to sleep on my stomach for over two weeks as my buttocks had raised stripes straight across and eventually split - you can imagine the pain !!!
Thank you in advance for any information.

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  1. Pennylane's Avatar
    The scars on the buttox must be nothing compared to the scars in the mind , i am so sorry this dreadful thing happened to you .x
  2. radzoom's Avatar
    Well I didnt attend a naughty boys home, I attended West Deby Comp.The Headmaster Mr Saunders,later of Liverpool Football Club Youth Team thrashed me on the stage in front of 400 boys six on each hand<six of the best> & he clearly got pleasure from this, I an 55 now & still remember this.
  3. Justice's Avatar
    I wasn't a naughty boy and the only reason that I was put in there is because I was remanded in custody because my father was unobtainable to bail me out ! My crime being throwing a cigarette box on the floor which I picked up off the floor to check if a coupon had been left inside "Brinks Matt" comes to mind. Menlove Avenue Assessment Centre was the proper title I seem to remember. Now I'm all fired up-I think I will do some research ... Whats more I will even name the B*****D who did the caning, his name was John Scales and one of his cohorts was a big old drunkard who smoked a pipe-and the other I have no Idea. The latter two I have no interest, but Scales will have Justice !
  4. radzoom's Avatar
    My crime for 6 of the best<should have been 12 of the best> both hands was refusing to play rugby in winter without my shirt . crazy. I MET THE OLD ******* SOME YEARS LATER & CHALLENGED HIM TO A FIST FIGHT,YOU GUESSED A COWARD!
  5. Pennylane's Avatar
    I really believe they did take pleasure in hurting the kids , you could see it in their faces .
  6. mhurtz's Avatar
    I to was in that hell hole i am now 51 it took me 30 year to put them nasty men in prison for what they di to us as children
  7. Justice's Avatar
    Chin up mate,If you have any info about what happened to the place and the staff please let me know. Thanks