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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Starting new job

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So we walked up to West Derby Saturday afternoon stopped at the Church at the top of the dual rd( belong's to the estate and permission had been given to for people and service vehicles only to use it but not for public cars etc) the girls went in to pray/ confession then we went for a sunday sat down to eat and the owner came how are you girls? having fun while their not here? here we are how much? "Wink of the eye" and who's this your brother? no this is Michael he's going to be the under butler so your bound to see him around, walked around the village best get back for tea, then beep beep with a freindly wave from the passengers the Bentley passed us who's that? come-on hurry who was that? thats his Lordship & ladyship the've bl----dy done again caught us napping come back two day's early now the sh---ts going to hit the fan the chef is not here their having a few day's off, so is the Palmer? your now going to be thown in the deep end ??????????? what do you mean? there's only us 3 have to cancelle our dates now!! just in case!!! so were going to get changed into our uniform's off they went then ring ,ring hello who's that there don't know your voice do you know if the chef is here no your Lordship I was told they all have gone away for a few day's? while I was talking the girls came in who's that? him & her both put there hands together in prayer and what's is your name? Michael your Lordship tap on the shoulder NOOOOO your last name Sorry it's DORAN oh I see Doran Michael? Gulp Gulp(me) funny name with a deep laugh so there's only the girl's & you ? yes mi lord so what are you having for tea ? I said please hold Sir ( hand in front of reciver want's to know what we're having for tea? then are you there? should have covered the earpiece) nothing fancy mind you Please surprise us in the drawing room/tv so the girl's cooked chips,egg's & tomotoes with toast, pot of coffee you put it on to the silver trolley and take it in ME!!! so in I went, first thing apoliges for the meal mi lord & lady and all for my dress? he looks me up & down with a grin & say's not only do you have a funny name now you tell me you also were Dresses? I couln't help I burst out laughing and that was the start of a job I loved for the next 3 years ( until as I said I listened to my mates) then 1/2 hr later ding dong( on the wall) yes mi lord PLEASE you all come here now!! girl's oh no!! so we all went expecting the worst, as the girls said what we just served up you get at a transport cafee, We would just like to say that meal ( wait for it we thought!!!) was a very good meal you have just served us THANK-YOU And now can we ask you all help each other and go and get our bed's ready for us as we have a long day flying ( I smiled he looked at me DID i SAY SOMETHING FUNNY? yes mi lord and I put out my arms both laughed and he said 1 for you for that? more later they helped her lady ship get ready for bed can you help me seeing as my Valet as decided to go away as well

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    To the manner born?