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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Starting new job

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AS I said last night ( I made a mistake but you would have picked it up) 1015 we drove down Croxteth hall rd to Croxteth hall got to know the chaffure very well ( made a friend for life shame he died 20 years ago but his family had been in service for well over 100years. and when and Lord & Lady Sefton died the house was to be left in perbilatry to Liverpool council the house was to remain standing as in trust, all servant's/Heirs that was in Service before their death can remain on the Estate in the cottage's until their immadate line was gone,
So as we drove to the back of Croxteth Hall "GULP GULP" it was so huge, 1st thing sign all the paper work b4 I was even allowed to enter ( I thought I was going to be James bond 007) then I was shown around the place by "MR" Palmer THE OLD BUTLER tell me what Famous movie is that from? then to my favorite place!!! the kitchen was explained when his Lord& Ladyship are away meals are a set time but when there here the meals are when you can get them there's the fridge you can have what you want when you want ( wayhey i'm a growing boy) so I was asked after I had met all the staff what did I want for lunch there's a hot roast & a sweets yes please ( and wasn't Sunday) so we all had extra chores on top of our normal work so after we ordered back to looking over the servant's quarters was taken up to mine just as we were about to open the door a phone service man came out ok mate new phone's in & working you just have to key in the numbers and the call system is joined up as well, then flicking lights what's that? chef has just called to say meals are in the DEAF & DUMB WAITER that's nice I thought until the meal was over and was told it's time to stack the dishes expecting to be told we were going to wash up no go and see the the D&D waiter?( surprise surprise expecting to see a man but was a lift haha) so as it was approaching 2pm ok Free time but be back here by no later than 10am sunday that includes you michael so 2 young girl's 19 or 20 said were going for a walk up to West Derby village coming? I said can I unpack first? yea ok started to go up with them following our rooms are up there as well you turn left we turn right but they followed me ok where's your bags 3's quicker than 1, 20 mins later the 3 of us were all walking
funny as i'm writing this I can now see the girls and I have remembered their names Christine was form the other Estate in Lancaster and Trudy & Marie were form Trinadad a rose between two thorns haha holding hands the estate workers waving to the girl's more of this to follow if you are really intrested

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    "A page boy marches on his stomach?" Sorry, apprentice butler. This might have been what your wife saw in you?
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    Nah back in 1964 I was a young an innocent 15 year old janice was 12 and on the other side of the world where was Australia? geophy was never a strong point my old teacher said have kangaroo's running down the main st and why would I want to leave I thought my life was good
    Tom!! when you go shopping can YOU CLEAR YOUR BASKET( mail box they say's your full)
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