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Finish old job

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Aug 31st 1964 was my last day at Whiston & district co-op I started at 0730 as I had to show the new boy the ropes he was given the spare bike, I thought oh well I'll show him I'll ride the bike with the meat and he can go in with it and I can Introduce him he had the empty basket I was normally finished for lunch around 2.30pm not that day by the time I got home his basket was 1/2 full of homemade jam,s cakes bottles of drink we acyually arrived at my mum & dads house at around 3.45pm
I met this girl at one delvery ( tongue tired I was just couldn't get the words out) her mum asked to stay for a sarnie and a bottle of pop 2nd time I had it all rehearsed word's just failed me then she came out and said have you been trying to ask me out (nod, nod) ok when? this friday night? fine meet you in Prescot I got home that afternoon 2 cases were packed near the door Mum standing there looking at them, going to the youth club dance tonight thought we'd have the last night together? but I'm not going till Mon change of Plan had a phone call they want you there Sat so you can look around oh so what time bus are we getting? [B]No your going [U][/U][/B]were not!! your getting
picked up by a Land-rover 9am Sat next morning next door neighbour came in there's a car outside your front gate? went out churfure said to dad sorry wouldn't srart so bought this one front seat full you'll have to sit in the back so waves/sob's and then we were off 1015pm we pulled up this long driveway my home for the
near future tommorow I will start the adventure

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  1. Oudeis's Avatar
    What with the sweetheart left sobbing; never been kissed. Ripped from your hearth and kin, driven, rather Harry Potter style, to the dark and foreboding Gothic splendour. [I trust mother had packed spare underwear?]
    More,more, MORE!