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A Tax Reform Can Solve the Economic Crisis

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[COLOR="black"][B]A Tax Reform Can Solve the Economic Crisis.[/B]

Economists say there is no quick, simple solution to solve the economic crisis. There is. A tax reform to that will make us all richer.

It is had been adopted 10 years ago it would have prevented the housing boom spiralling into a financial catastrophe, and Britain would be leading the way to prevent the global environmental crisis.

[B]The 16th Century Coup Has to be Reversed[/B]

All we have to do is reverse the 16th century coup against the people of England by the aristocracy. As far back as 1066 people paid for the public services out of the surplus income from their land. It contains the solutions to so many of society's problems.

3/4 of public revenue were still being raised from land income right into the 17th century. Then the aristocracy executed their coup. They hijacked the tax system so that they could pocket the land income of the kingdom. By the middle of the 19th century just 4% of revenue came from land. The first attempt at a counter-coup was in the electrons in the early 20th century. Parliament became a scene of a violent political clash over the budget of 1909.

But the House of Lords was full of powerful landed aristocrats in their large country mansions. They proved too powerful. They were able to defeat the will of the people.

[B]The People Were Penalised By Income Tax[/B]

So government had to raise revenue by penalising the people by taxing their wages. 100 years repressed growth followed as the tax burden crushed the working population. The bad taxes destroyed jobs, wrecked the natural environment, rewarding the polluters while penalising the producers.

Governments know that taxes damage the economy. They implement stealth taxes to camouflage the impact.

[B]Winston Churchill Failed to Reverse The Aristocratic Coup[/B]

100 years ago Winston Churchill tried to shift taxes back onto land owners. If Gordon Brown had implemented this in 1997, by now national income would be greater for every man, woman and child by £15,000, and we would have avoided the property boom & bust and Credit Crunch Crash.

[B]All Political Parties Should Unite in Tax Reform To Shift Tax Away from Income[/B]

When you shift taxes from working and saving to Land Values, you get rid of the distortions that make people work less and save less. And therefore people are operating in a more efficient fashion.

Political parties should stop fighting amongst themselves and unite in tax reform. That will not happen until people man the battlement and insist their ancient rights. The landowning aristocracy betrayed the people of the UK by blocking the People's budget in 1909,

[B]The Lords Are Still Trying to Eliminate Tax From Land.[/B]

Parliament must finish the business it started 100 years ago. The removal of 66 hereditary Lords by Tony Blair paves the way forward. In early 2009 the House of Lords discovered that 4 Lords were prepared to accept money to influence a law to further reduce the tax liability on landed property.

100 years after the People's budget some Lords were still lining their pockets at the expense of the people.[/COLOR]

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