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One year today

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[QUOTE=robbo176;243758]One year ago today (18th March) my world fell apart,I'd been taking my daughter Lauren to my GP & to Alder Hey with a unexplained limp...I never imagined even in my nightmares what the doctors would tell me.
We went to Alder Hey for the results of an MRI scan to measure the length of Lauren's legs,when we saw the doctor she said Lauren's consultant was in theatre & couldn't see us but looking at Lauren's notes she had a painless limp in her left wonder they hadn't found anything because Lauren had been in agony for 6 months with her right leg!!!
the doctor sent us for an X-ray & said we can go home only to phone us up on the bus home & ask us to come back straight away,as soon as we arrived back at the clinic we could see on the nurses faces that something was wrong.

we were told Lauren had a tumour behind her right knee & we would have to go to Birmingham for a biopsy the next day.
when we got to Birmingham the doctor told us that the biopsy was more or less routine & he was certain that it was Osteosarcoma.
On the 2nd of September ,the day before Lauren's birthday & after 5 long months of Chemo it was decided that they couldn't save Lauren's leg & they would have to amputate ....the operation would be two days after my birthday

Lauren has her new leg & is learning to walk with it ,her chemo has finished & her hair is starting to grow back

My friend buried her little boy today ,he was only four ,I look at Lauren & think I am so lucky to have her she's been a real fighter
I hope we can wake up from this nightmare

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  1. Debra's Avatar
    I'm glad you blogged this Mandy .
    First can i say i am very sorry about your friends little boy , i know that words are inadaquate right now .. x
    You have been an insperation here , and a credit , Lauren is an insperation too , a real insperation to all of us , you will come through Mandy , both of you will ..
    I send you both every bit of love and that i have in me .... xxxxxxxxxxx
    Debbie ...
  2. robbo176's Avatar
    thank you so much Debra,
    its been hard staying strong,especially when I hear of children from the ward dying ,my friends son was given the all clear at christmas & I said to her how jealous I was .......only for him to come back into hospital a few weeks later & his parents being told there was nothing more they could do for him
    its so heartbreaking
    Mandy xxx
  3. Ronijayne's Avatar
    You are amazing. Lauren is too. It must be the hardest most difficult thing in the world to watch your child suffer. You are both made of strong timber and Lauren will lead a full and happy life because you have been strong for her.

    I recently had a basal cell carcinoma right in the corner, very close to my left eye and had to have a special surgeon as not many work so close to the eye there as there is so little space, no margin for error. Although a carcinoma is apparently not a big deal and very common, it was position with me, where do they drag the skin from after they cut it out? The eyelid and under they eye........ get the wrong doc and you are in trouble. The point of me telling you this is every time I thought 'I can't do this' I thought of you and Lauren, that mine was a cake walk compared to what you went through and so I never shed one tear, did hours of computer work for the charity I belong to the day after with a black and blue, swollen closed eye, went for lunch in a garden resturant within an hour of having the stitches out five days later(the outside stitches, still a row inside) Went to the beach for four days a week later and walked by the ocean for hours.

    I think you really helped me as when I felt down Lauren popped into my mind and I did whatever I needed to do, even in that first month when every movement of my face was agony and looking up and down was so bad. Thinking of how you two got through something SO VERY much worse made me feel like a wimp so I ploughed through it.

    Thank you Mandy, sometimes you pass people strength without knowing as you did with me

    Roni x

  4. robbo176's Avatar
    thanks Roni,I will PM you