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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Living and working with the Royal family,

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I had a request from a member I had touched on Living/working with the Royal family way back in May, but it starts Back in July 1964 yours Trully left school Expecting to have 7 week's holidays with my school mates, but was I in for the first shock of my young 15 years, life was not going to be fair, I was told by my Mum & Dad [B] "no way Hosay" [U][/U][/B] we have feed & clothered you for 15 years so when your last day at school we will let you have your last weekend, but after that your out every day to find a job, but never happened that way Dad was in charge of bookings for ST Nick's church in Whiston so a young assitant manager( 2 ic in charge of the old Whiston co-op) & his fiance were getting married, dad said afterwards to him hows work? is it hard to find to apply for a job or is it "it's not what you know but who you know?" No they just come and see me and I'll do the interview and then see what happens then, ok can I ask you to make a time to see my son he's looking for a job from Monday? (as I said life was [B]NOT[U][/U][/B] going to be fair to me) Is he around? Michael come here for a sec to meet someone so I came in dad went to go out no you can stay me?????????? what do you like doing? I love riding my back with my mates going for long rides ( wrong answers) what do you think of doing something like that AND getting paid for it ? yea who's going to pay someone for doing that you know the co-op in Whiston? yea well we would so what do you think? but I' have to see them first? NO what do you say ( not trying to look at my Dad

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