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POSTMUSIC presenté ;

11 Wolstenholme Square
Liverpool L1 4JJ

POSTER DESIGN BY: me presents

An evening of Drums, Shouting & Joy featuring:

FOOTVILLAGE - 4 drumkits, one loudspeaker and 8 lungs delivering a whirlwind performance bordering on selfhelp group of immense joy and release. True antimagic! from a collective involved in the legendary diy venue The Smell in LA.

A - Foot Village - Let Bebongs Be Bebongs, Idiot by FatCat Records

Alot of attention came their way in 2009 when they released Lp 'Anti-magic' on Upset The Rhythm ( LDN) an AMAZING RECORD! ! which featured collaborations with a series of artists like AIDS Wolf, Jason Forrest, Kyle Mabson, Narwhalz, Tussle and Death Sentence: Panda!, Poingly, Radio Shock, and more. Its an amazing record!

Based around the idea that the human race is clearly about to descend into apocalypse due to the dwindling fuels and completly absurd truth that nobody will do anything about it or take an alternatives seriously... in a landscape where no electricity, no transport or anything we know to be the building blocks of our current civilization.... what the hell else can people do except create the ' loudest acoustic rockband on the planet' props. legends. we will all be members of footvillage within 50 years.


Footvillage are in the UK to perform at ATP and playing these few one off shows bringing with them a treasured duo called-
*****ES -

STIG NOISE - A Security Technical Implementation Guide
Trumpets, broken casio's, and piles upon piles upon piles upon piles of monster dancing beats and bass overload - your choice.

MONOBROW- LIVERPOOL FREE-NOISE COLLECTIVE started in 2007 for a show with Kong in Bar Fresa. Originally a duo called Peter Smyth and running for the last 4 years doing very little to push forward popular music but swelled immensely with members of a.P.A.t.T / Stig Noise / Beast-Gigantees / Indica Ritual / The International - The Left Hand / Ruivin / Barberos n many more different combinations basically to include as many drummers and textures as could realistically fit in any one performance space.

Monobrow Recording Dec 2008

This wall of noise concoction of twisted melodies squeezed out of clarinets, sax, trumpet and Double Bass was perfectly archived during recording an Lp ( monobrow II ) with mr Rob Whitley.

This show will be their LAST EVER PERFORMANCE and comes with the release of 'POOR BATTLES' single on Lancashire & Somerset

many more surprises and interesting things to be had including 100% **** OFF from the faces and hands of WCOLT creature and Mr Jon Davis

and an immense performance peice entitled ' G.t's Freddys' Nightmare ' including guests
and DJ's and all that... intention is to spread things around this amazing creative space, at the stroke of 8pm we will nudge the first display of immense audio and then each will follow around the building in somekind of musical, noisey, shouty, awesome domino effect....maybe.

me presents 3D Poster -
Liverpool based and former part/time resident artist @Don't Drop The Dumbells; me presents will be exhibiting her latest 3D Poster based on her 2D Poster design of this event.

me presents' 3D works are enhanced versions of her 2D works; in an attempt to further replicate and create exisitng and new translations throughout.

Other 3D installation works by me presents you might have seen whilst visiting DDTDB =
me presents... wolf skullz! ; me presents... eyez! ; me presents... teef! ; me presents... stix!

Contact: me [email][/email]


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