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Taxi fare evasion

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Just been reminded by Marty1 talking about yobo's taking to a young preggies mum and the post's getting revenge, that reminded when I was driving Taxi's in Western Australia back in the 80's I picked up these 5 fellars that had just spent about $ 30-35 on a friday night at Kentucky Fried Chicken well going home I heard ( before my hearing went belly up) them say very quietly who's got the money not me I helped buy this lot oh ****, so loud enough for me to hear well ok we'll get out so you get out and get your wallet out and pay the taxi so I was ready they all got out and all ran behind the taxi and called back you white English B******* we have no money no fare for you hahahahah, I took off quick, did a 360% turn gunned the engine the bloke with the food saw me and panicked dropped the food and ran I headed for the food so both my front & back wheels ran over the food then stopped and then reversed, then to make sure I drove over it again stopped and shouted NO food for you either hahahaha and carried on driving telling my mates via the operator what happened,
About a fortnight later I was driving with a customer and saw these yobo's getting into another taxi, changed channels and told the operator and waited then ok follow him and wait ( told customer he will only have to pay 1/2 the fare) then all drivers following "WEDDING CAR" go now!!! taxi forced to turn corner into waiting taxi's and again NO MONEY so we CONFISCATED FOOD and made them walk home with a message do it again at your own peril we know what you look like,
A month or so later i heard one of the boy's got into a taxi at a shopping centre with his mother and a driver behind told the operator who said Don 20 make sure you get the fare before you leave as the [B][U]male passenger is in the habit with his mates of avoiding paying taxi fares, [/U][/B] so according to the driver whack from his mother and told to pay the fare I haven't got any money RIGHT OUT ( and that was from his mother) so a good result for the taxi drivers, but over a month the mother told all his mates mothers what had happened, we got a memo on the notice board from ALL the boys signed apoligising for their behavior to any drivers incoinvienced
Isn't it funny that someone starts a post and memory's start flooding back just a little 40 year memory:unibrow:

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