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Seacombe Street

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[QUOTE=lesley1;348468]I lived in Upper Potter Street, just off Netherfield Road, the photo of Corinth Towers brought back memories of childhood, that block was built on our street and Anderson street, our 2up and of 2down little houses were demolished around 1962 and we moved along the road to Roscommon St to Mazzini House a group of three high rise blocks including Garibaldi and Cavour Houses.
At the top of our street was the Popular "Pop" picture house and on a Saturday morning when my Mam went to Netherfield Rd public washhouse, we would go to the matinee then:handclap: go along to the Washy and collect empty bleach bottles and take them back to the shop and get 1d for each bottle. Oh Happy Day's[/QUOTE]

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