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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty


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I grew up in Whiston (woolyback country) then was told by our parents we were moving to Rainhill, when I was 21 ( I was still young and innocent to the ways of the world especially women but that was to change from 1970,)
I decided on the 23rd Dec 1970 to leave and to search for a new beginning in a new country and search for riches and Love?( still waiting but 2 out of 3 is not bad)
We (met about 6 people at Gatwick and over the next 7 days + 1 hell of a party night on board we became life long friends even now 41 years we are still in touch) We arrived In Singapore should have spent 2/3days but because of delay's with the aircraft we were told we can only have 1.5 days, we decided to look around as we were all young, went to a resturant and had a really big nosh up, well you can imigine the owners and staff, as the resturant started to empty, and we were still there ordering Tiger beer, the girls decided they wanted deserts so out they came, the boys looked!!! Strawberrys and ice cream oh yum so they boy's also then decided to order them, by this time the place was empty except for us rowdy English lot, we started to get a bit nervous as the waiters were near the door so then we called for the bill, it was in Singapore $$$$$'s oh HELP ok let's try and pay the bill? so in the middle we put all these £££ note's then we called over the head bloke he got the bill called for a calculater, big smile on his face said something and they laughed then someone came forward and said you could pay for the meal twice over, so as all these £ note's left over, we decided to give them a £5 tip, well you never saw their faces smile, so back to the hotel happy that we had enough money to pay for the meal, we passed a suit shop and the owner bowed you wantee new suit made? No we leave tomorrow on boat at 1645? it will be ready for you, talk about knowing his job I make you nice suit + 1 pr spare trousers S$30 and come to boat? no shake my head, you pay when I bring you suit okay? so 1530 go to boat no sign, well at least my friends say you didn't get done 1640, boat's WHOOP WHOOP, all lines pulled except main gangway then BEEP BEEP, little bloke runs up gangway your suit + spare pr, S$30 yes? Yes!! big smile on his face turned around bowed to Captain and waved, later undid parcel in the cabin, omg White jacket, trousers, then opened 2nd parcel expecting spare pr? yes the was but also a nice white waistcoat was I wrapped

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  1. liverpoolkid2's Avatar
    Hope you enjoyed that little inside to my new life in Western Australia
  2. Oudeis's Avatar
    What with a white three-piece suit all you needed was a pith helmet to begin your trek through the outback?
    So...what does a young man look for after his feet light upon 'home' soil?
    Oh, and the language barrier.
  3. liverpoolkid2's Avatar
    Oudeis, we decided to ask the English speaking russian tour director can we have a fancy dress night? nie nie ( mean's NO) one of our friends was drinking Vodka nie nie said the 2nd mate that's p----s water you drink my Vodka DAH ( yes) so the first bout started!! I drink you under the table dah dah ok but first we ask captain for wager yes!! captain came down we win we have fancy dress dah? you win we necotable?? Dah dah said captain 6 hrs later we won 2nd mate GO BELOW , Next night we got newspaper and cut paper dolls Crew smiled and helped us decorate, in those day's I was a "4 pint screamer" stupid me one of the girl's I fanced wistpered in my ear will get dressed as a woman? I was that palaletic I agreed that's ok dress & top hahahah I had the work's and I mean the work's
  4. liverpoolkid2's Avatar
    Oudeis, Striped almost naked eye brows plucked, hair's from my legs ripped off face shaved under armpit's, ok good boy now you can have a drink before next session girl I fanced gave me a big pash kiss your a sport? next you can't wear your under pants wears these, under slip, bra next nothing there hang on tissues on top of tissues, then dress mmm but no your legs are a dead give away put these on and shoes Gawd how the women wear them ok now for your hair & face I had to wear LIPSTICK from 12 noon after lunch until 4pm, BUT it was worth it at the end of the night I won 1st prize+ the girl of my dreams ( maureen dont you dare tell my wife) still see her once a year when we have a reunion we take it in turns to go to different states last year it was Charlies in South Australia, photo's like that went up but as Maureen say's YES but you still have your fond memories))