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Natalie Reeves

Going back to our roots

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Dear all,

My name is Natalie Reeves and I am new to this forum. I am the director of a local business called Northwest Recycling Centre Ltd and we recycle old clothes and textiles and old electronics. We have a depot in Old Swan and employ local people and work in synergy with local people to grow and earn together and therefore to empower communities.

We pay for old clothes and some electronics and have recently revisited our roots by bringing back the old and well loved tradition of the Rag and Bone man in his modern van back to the streets of Liverpool and it has proved very successful and helps to divert many hundreds of tons of potentially hazardous waste away from Liverpool land fill sites each year, keeping our taxes down in the process.

Get in touch if you need to raise money either for your family, your school, your business, your charity or your community group. We pay the best rates around for your old clothes (up to five pound a bin bag!) and send an authentically dressed Rag and Bone man to your premises to use as publicity for your activity of group.

Public can also drop off their electronic and textile waste to our site at any time between monday to friday 8.30-5pm

So join our Go Green Businesses and lead the way in environmental performance in the area, and make Liverpool a better and safer place to live and work

Thank you for listening,

Kind regards
Natalie Reeves
Commercial Director
Northwest Textiles Recycling
Northwest Electronics Recycling
Carnegie Road, Old Swan
Liverpool L13 7HH
0151 228 5626

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