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Growing up in the 60's

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Marty1 has just reminded about growing up in thr 50's & 60's I think my self it was great to be born then, not anything particular we were encoraged to go outside and get a small job I remember spud picking someone giving you the sh***s and chucking a rotten spud at them getting you first girl friend not like today computers, mobile phones.we went for rides on our bikes to Southport man said we could park our bikes behind him while we went in then cycled home tired but happy, Friday night was juke box night up in Prescot as Marty said the 50&60's music, Learning to dance in St Helen's going on work's do's on a shara-bang to Blackpool

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  1. Marty1's Avatar
    Yes Woolyback, they were great days, never in the house ! And the girlfriends, lovely girls I think of now and again. As you get older you think more about those times, great memories ! Thanks Wooly !
  2. liverpoolkid2's Avatar
    Marty your welcome I hit that by accident? just of to bed for a few hrs kip have got 7 days off till next thursday
  3. Marty1's Avatar
    Great ! have fun if you can.
  4. liverpoolkid2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Marty1
    Great ! have fun if you can.
    I'd love to but she won't come and have fun as well ha ha