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Stadia & Rapid Transit Rail

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LFC have been granted planning permission for their stadium in Stanley Park. They desperately need a high throughput Merseyrail station. Hence the adjacent, well not that near, Canada Dock Branch Line being considered for Merseyrail. EFC need a high throughput station at a new stadium, to shift half the capacity.

There is no joined up thinking. It would be best to have a station under the two stadia to allow fans to access the stands directly. This sort of happens at the Amsterdam Arena, home of Ajax who have road under the stadium.

But closer to home Lords Cricket ground are proposing the same. The ground consists of the main cricket ground and right next to it is the Nursery end, which was used for practising. Named so because it was a nursery at one time. Tunnels using the cut and cover method were run under the Nursery end for access to Marylebone station in the 1890s. One tunnel serves Marylebone station while the other two were for storing trains, and the storage tunnels are now disused. They propose using the through tunnel as a station for direct access to the stands and the other two for a gym, sports injuries treatment, expansion of the station concourse or whatever.
[URL=""]Times Article[/URL]

Below: The three tunnels under the Nursery end, being built. Lords only own the top 18" of land and can't put large buildings up. Now they can as they have bought two of the tunnels.

Integrated stations is what LFC and EFC should be made to incorporate into their stadia. It all makes so much sense. The nuisance factor is reduced from surrounding residents. Traffic jams reduced, pollution reduced, etc, etc. [B]A high throughput rapid transit rail link must be a precursor for a new stadium. No rail link, no Stadium. [/B]

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