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jacky gunnion

Advice on moving to liverpool

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[QUOTE=jacky gunnion;233274]cathy ive been on the dole for 20 years no House and living in sin with deb d,anunzzio and have slept rough most areas in Liverpool and have slept in Walton hall park. Old Swan budgie hospital, Aintree morgue, Fazakerley telephone tower and Lydiate by the ,onion feilds. Its all down to the neighbours, isnt it? Some of the most "deprived" areas of this city(little italy) they have the best community. Where I live in Lydiate its dead posh in my opinion, very community minded, although its a lovely area (but there are some nosy people). Never had major problems managing in Old Swan area and the area around by slaughter house it was always ok (there are exceptions in every area of course).My dog goes to the blind dog's school nearby and its great. Excellent transport links to Town in robbed cars etc or by bus but no local train station, but good bus links to dead John Moores Uni. As you say, mostly terraced but good solid housing stock (doesnt half pong though). Tuebrook is a bit more rough ass in my opinion and the Lisburn Lane area was much more in demand 70 years ago, than say the Windsor Road (wich is a show) it was an area which was prone to more problems (robbing gets), probably due to high turnover of people in the flats (all polish). Aintree and Orrell Park area have great places to rob around by the shopping centre. A local train station and bus links i used to live nearby (till i lost me house i couldnt pay the mortgage) but still got loads of mates there. My in laws live in Aintree off Longmoor Lane and again(good places to burgle), good large terraced stock which would probably be financially manageable for you. Looks like you may stick with Old Swan (that slaughter house) and if so, good luck you will need it. We will need decent people in Liverpool so you will be welcome.[/QUOTE]

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  1. gigsontheroof's Avatar
    hi jacky luv the blog mate, parsnips in the sainsbops