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Reopening Of Canada Dock Branch for Merseyrail Metro

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[B]Liverpool FC and Canada Dock Branch Line[/B]

If LFC want to go over 60,000 in their new stadium they have to provide a station on the branch line, so the extra 15,000 capacity they desire will be expensive. Merseytravel and the Dept for Transport have OK'd it. The station is not exactly right on the stadium and will entail fans walking about 1/4 mile through residential streets which is clearly not ideal. Used for freight to the docks, currently the line is a point to point from Lime St to Bootle and will be slow diesel trains. OK fans can change to Lime St low level. Still, it is not ideal. The line would most probably have old stations opened adding rapid-trasnsit value to many isolated districts.

[B]Liverpool-Manchester Line to be Electrified[/B]

The northerly 1830 Liverpool-Mcr line is to be electrified and done within 4 years. The electrification document stated that the Canada Dock branch would be electrified, although not by name. This means the line can be an integral part of Merseyrail using dual-pickup trains, although limited in non-football use. The electrification comes for free. It has been announced that the electrification will have dual-pickup trains (Overhead wires and 3rd rail) on the Liverpool to Wigan and St. Helens lines.

[B]Everton FC & What Line They Will Be On[/B]

As no stadium is yet built for either club and the Kirkby stadium for EFC looks a bit dodgy with an inquiry rejecting the project, EFC would be better taking Liverpool Councils offer of the Long Lane industrial estate as long as the Outer Loop is opened and a station of a throughput of 30-40,000 per hour built. If the airport link is built then it will have direct access to South Parkway and the airport and the city centre. The council have also suggested a site At Green Lane, Old Swan - on he Canda Dock Branch Line. Both club''s could use the one line.


The last rail RUS document mentioned not to build on the old Kirkdale to Canada Dock route through the disused tunnel at Bankhall, as it may be needed for future dock access. It could be used a loop to take the Canada Dock Branch Line back to the city centre.

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