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F.W.Woolworth & Co. Ltd. - Church Street, Liverpool

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I've put together two sheets representing F.W.Woolworth & Co Ltd 1st & 2nd stores, in Church Street, Liverpool.

The 1st UK Store [1909-1923] at 25 & 25a Church Street, Liverpool was already an existing building before F.W.Woolworth & Co. Ltd came to the city. According to Joseph Sharples, author of Liverpool, Pevsner Architectural Guides describes it as:

'the Italianate shop now occupied by Clarkes was designed by Lewis Hornblower, c. 1858, for the art metalworkers and electroplater's Elkington's. The Builder disliked the thin columns to the upper floors, 'which suggest rain-water pipes without being so'.'

[Interestingly, 'Elkington's' sign can be seen on 'image 6' on the sheet below, in a photograph taken some years before the store opened. Also the 'rain-water pipe' columns referred to, can be seen painted white in image 2.]

The images - were once the property of Woolworth's Plc UK. and were displayed as part of their virtual museum website, which no longer operates. So far, I haven't been able to trace an owner, since Woolworth's UK stopped trading.

The 2nd Store, on Church Street [1923-1983] After St. Peter's Church was demolished in 1922, this led the way for further expansion, and a bespoke new store design to be created in 1923.

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