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What Music have you on now ?

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This is a great Thread, I often look in to see what the current songs are and I am rarely disappointed, especially if its an oldie, simply because I am one. I first became interested in music when I was about 8 years old, Radio Luxembourg was the main station that we listened too, the only problem we had was with the reception, the signal often faded out and then returned again, more often than not when you were listening to a song you had been waiting all night for so you ended up with the Radio up against your ear. So I started off with what we called Doo-Wop in the late 50s, very melodic tunes, mainly from the USA, Bobby Darin with Dream Lover, Bobby Vee with Venus in Blue Jeans, Roy Orbison with Only The Lonely, Connie Francis with Where the Boys Are, The Crests, Dion, Ricky Nelson, Sam Cooke and many other great singers. The main man, at that time, was of course, Elvis, with songs such as His Latest Flame, Devil In Disguise and Return to Sender. We had some great singers, Matt Monro with The Impossible dream, Petula Clark with Alone, Michael Holliday with Starry Eyed, Adam Faith and Cliff Richard. These songs became etched in your memory and they were the starting point for me. The music scene changed with the arrival of the "Mersey Beat" and Gerry and the Pacemakers with how Do You Do It was the first in the charts in the April of 63 closely followed by the Beatles in the May with From Me To You, the first of 17 numbers 1s for them. The 60s, for me was a musical dream with fantastic songs by so many singers and groups, Dave Clark Five, The Stones, The four Pennies, Hermans Hermits, I could go on all day. In 1969 Marvin Gay, with, I heard It Through The Grapevine came along and with that Mowtown. Although I cannot remember many number 1s for the Mowtown singers during the 60s it was very popular music. We had Reach Out I'll Be There by the four Tops, My Guy by Mary Wells, Love Is Like a Heat Wave By Martha & the Vandellas, again too many to mention but fantastic music. The 70s 80s and 90s were not quite the same for me as far as popular music went, yes there were some great songs but not quite the same. I often hear a song from the 60s and can relate it to what I was doing at the time, some happy, some sad, but they are great reminders for me. I often go back to songs in the period between 1960-1970, in a way, I am somewhat stuck in that decade, I think we all have a musical decade that stays with us !

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  1. Lizzie1's Avatar
    Great stuff Marty.
    Some great names and songs mentioned here..........and good old Radio Luxembourg...........was it Sunday when they had the Top 40 on?
    The 60's was/is my favourite music era......and having older brothers and sisters I grew up with the 50s stuff too.
  2. Marty1's Avatar
    Not sure Lizzie what night the top 40 was on, but I think you're right though. Throughout the 1950s, Radio Luxembourg broadcast a sheet music Top 20. This was the first ever Top Twenty countdown show, and set the pattern of chart shows for the decades that followed.
  3. liverpoolkid2's Avatar
    do you remember Radio Caroline in thr Irish sea
  4. Marty1's Avatar
    Yes Wooly I do, some great music played by the station, good DJs too. It was all part of growing up in the 60s !
  5. chasevans's Avatar
    Standing on the corner (watching all the girls go by). A white sports coat, a pink carnation. Green door. Island of dreams. Some of my memories of Radio Luxembourg in the '50's. Was told recently that it broadcasts were made from southern England.Over 60 years I've been thinking it broadcast from the continent and that's why the reception was weak in England.
    The Tiffin advert on Luxy was also memorable.
    All the best, Marty1,
  6. Marty1's Avatar
    Cheers Chas, we have some good memories !
  7. ItsaZappathing's Avatar
    cracker selection of music there Marty. Nice having a wide varied bunch of artists. Even if I don't (or do) like a certain tune I often will question it as to why I do (or don't) like it.
    I was having this chat the other day about John Lydon (Johnny Rotten). I like his voice and a good bit of his music. I can not explain why I like it but I can understand why some wouldn't.
    Anyway..some good choices there fella.
    Keep up the good work.
  8. Marty1's Avatar
    Thanks Zap, the 60s was a new musical age, exciting even and a time when the youngsters could let themselves go more than they had done up to then. I listen to all types of music but as I said I'm stuck in the 60s era, now I'm listening to my Grandkids music, some of it's quite good. I would mainly listen to middle of the road stuff, being a boring old sod, Cheers Zap !!