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Everton District

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[QUOTE=shytalk;59961]Another from the same poet.
Thanks to Ernie on Sailors Home forum for the original posting.

dry.gif Another one from Charlie Hobson.

I was brought up in the thirties
When things where really rough
We walked around in parish boots
And were fed on suet duff.

Consumption it was rampant, in lots of family homes,
And for the want of daily milk,
There was rickets in our bones.
Some of us had whooping cough,
No one was hospitalised
The lucky ones they where immune
And those that weren"t they died

Some kids lost both their parents
And were dragged off to a home
And shipped off to the colonies
So sad and all alone

They were met there just like cattle
And bosses took their pick
And so commenced a life of toil
Without much benefit

And who then were these dealers
In this awful human trade
Who took a child from all his kin?
And then made of him a slave
Oh no they"re not custody
You see them every day

For they were nuns and they were priests
That signed kids lives away
And if they are up in heaven
And id surely like to know
Then ill take a left at the golden gates
And find a berth below[/QUOTE]

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  1. nobbyrott's Avatar
    Very happy to have found this poem again, saw it a few years ago--must have been on yo! but for the life of me could not remember where.

    So was it the church that was largely reponsible for the forced child emigration?