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Tony Edwards FRom Halewood

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[QUOTE=carmaxsam;221994]HI can anyone tell me if they know samantha edwards tony edwards from halewood sam will have new name i think she is married i met her son my grandson in bellevale he was with his nan kate i only want to tell you why i had no choice but not to see you again then you can tell me if i made the wrong choice you will understand why i stopped seeing you when i tell you why no lies just the truth i love both of you with all my heart never ever forgot you and never will for the rest of my life ive missed so much not seeing you tony i was told you came to my mums funeral many years ago i was only told when i got back to speke or i would of spoke to you if i never seen you there forgive me i just lost my mum sam and tont were know as brislin
i hope some one can help[/QUOTE]

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  1. carmaxsam's Avatar
    anyone from halewood
  2. Debra's Avatar
    I'm so sorry , wish i could help ..
  3. carmaxsam's Avatar
    thank you Debra for reading it anyway i just need to tell them the truth
  4. Debra's Avatar
    I understand , I hope you find them one day soon .