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'The Dingle' glen, in old photographs

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Hi guys, I thought I'd share with you some old photo's that I've collected of the Dingle area. It features Dingle glen, which was a wooded valley and natural beauty spot leading right down to the Mersey. More notoriously, it was the site of the last duel to be fought in Liverpool - between Mr Sparling, of St. Domingo house, and Mr Grayson, an eminent ship builder, on Sunday morning, 7.00am 24th February, 1804. I've also included some maps and photo's to help you get your bearings. I hope you enjoy, regards,


Dingle glen with the brook and visitors. c.1900 LRO

Dingle glen base with bathers. c.1900 LRO

Dingle glen base at the mersey, with David's Throne (a rocky outcrop) to the far left of image. c.1900 LRO

Dingle glen base from the mersey, with David's Throne (a rocky outcrop) to the left of image. Notice the telegraph poles. c.1900 LRO

Summer house on Dingle glen.

Dingle OS map c.1908 Dingle glen is to the right of 'Knott's Hole' where is says 'sands'. The railway bridge crosses the glen.

The remains of an rocky outcrop to the left of Knott's Hole, featured on the map above. My photo.

Dingle glen today, filled-in and allotted to part-time gardeners. My photo

Dingle ariel photo, showing garden festival dome on reclaimed land about Knott's Hole. Google Earth view.

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